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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment I have a deal with this guy

send link do and confirm we have deal

done user dracena1

I PM ed him several time because after the registration he didn't click for an hour. So I waited and this is his reply

ok pls just  bit time i'm in store and with work it' take litle time  but when i deal it'sfor  to be honored don't worry

This Guy only click for the first day. This is his activity

My clicks to his site

I check his site graybux and now I know why he is not clicking

I Came Across A Member List with the same name in EMS member which I have a deal with.  These person is the same.

So I ask kenmoey69 which is thaiken78 here in EMS. This is his reply

Deal Cancelled.

Members like this complain that they have been ban from PTC sites, why?  because they don't care about the rules.  

Comment by: ArdenMendozaPTCx
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