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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment This guy is completely out of order

I joined 2 of his sites and he did not join any of my sites

then he pmed me wanting me to join another of his sites(probably a better site to have referrals because maybe the earnings are higher) of which I really do not care besides I already have an account there.

The funny thing is that even though he did not even join "ANY" of my sites, I was active clicking on his "2" Sites

I have no problem clicking free for people as long as I consider it a legit paying site.

And today out of nowhere this guy gave me a negative feedback saying that I am  "dishonest and unactive member"

lol I couldnt help but to laugh  

You did not even join "any of my sites"  why in the hell would you give someone who is clicking 2 sites for you for free?

because I did not join the site you wanted me to join?

because you were not able to make a referral exchange deal with me?

or because you get mad cuz u get no referrals ?

anyways I dont give a  xxxx

good luck make deals with others I hope you dont do the same xxxx to others...

Comment by: PTCking1992
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