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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment I was very suspicious about this guy before entered in a deal with him. I asked him to check , why he had 4 negative feedbacks until now. He tried to explain me and convince me that he is very active and honest. Ok i tryed to believed him and gived him a chance. I asked him before deal does he think to be regular and long term in deal. Of course he convincing me that he is active, honest and staff.

We had deal from 18.8. till now, yesterday i guess, i didnt checked when he stopped. Ok lets say some 11 days. Ok there are lot worser deals on EMS (they are guys that stopping after day or two, deal that is accentuated and agreed for long term and seriousness), so this 11 days is not the worse.

But what motivated me the most to give negative feedback , was his unpolitness and arogancy after. He didnt wanted to tell real and argumented reason why he stopping deal and quit this site. Actually he didnt told any reason.
One guy in thread told him that it is not fair that he quits without reason because he have referrals there. I also told that i have referrals there, and asked  him nicely could he tell reason why he breaked a deal.

His answer was:

"Msalam and mabaker:
Because you want , i am obliged to stay at the site?
And you mabaker, i am not a trusted person? You are the only only saying that!!
Read my FEEDBACKS and welcome to the PTC World!
I got my reason to do that ok?
Why do not you send me a private message?
Hugs you both."

I think that is very rude and arogant, after he breaks deal , to answer like that. Behavior like he is some king here, and he can do what he wants.

That motivated me the most to give this negative feedback.
After all everyone have right to give negative feedbacks to someone who break a deal. With that way all in this community can know who respects deals, and who is not. Who is polite at first place, and productive to this community and who is not.

Pandaclix I rightly gived you negative feedback:
1. You breaked deal
2. You didnt gave any explanation and reason about it (you didnt wanted to)
3. And maybe most important, you were rude and arogant

If you try to give some revange feedbacks (which i think that you  did with someone before) i will surely report you to admin.

Comment by: msal
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