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EMS Trader System - Detailed Feedback
Detailed Comment I send everytime just good words for this admin of Cashswing -The Rock but now sell the site and don't paid members.In Flippa one member say the true:
    thebuyer29 (+1)
    Mon, 15 Nov 2010 14:16:18 GMT

1. You encourage new buyers to cancel members pending payments? Are you real? How dare you own a business and tell new buyers they can cancel pending pay? Those people have been doing work and you just don't care if they get paid or not! And that is the great business you are selling.
2. You have NOT been paying members. This is what the buyer is going to inherit. Many Complaints.
3. Your customers are watching you sell this site and mostly important encoraging the new owner to cancel all pending payments and start over, you customers by now feel betrayed.
4. Your site is not even worth $50
5. You are selling a site that members don't trust any longer!
6. So sad to see you blame being so sick... instead of saying you have no MONEY and do not want to pay your members!
7. We are to inherit your bad attitude towards members... bad business!
8. Complaint from a customer:
Hi admin, my first payment is still pending I requested it last Sept 26. and now it's Oct. 13. How long do I need to wait? My username is spongedogcCc. Hope to hear from you.
Response from owner:
I don't know if it shows, but I haven't been around much lately so I do have a lot to keep up.
I'm trying to work faster but I don't have 27 or 28 hours in a day, if I would - there would be no pending payments.

Anyways, Is this the business you are selling? You are not making any money with it and leaving behind MAD members.... so I advice everyone out there to stay away from this person and site. Besides the $478 debt, you will be inheriting MAD members.
That's why most PTC businesses turns into scam... due to wonderful owners like this ONE!
Have a good one ask2talk, good luck on selling this crap!

i hate scammers and scam site!!!!
Comment by: cipotu
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