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on: Feb 26, 2009 04:30 PM 
Started by theavenger, Message by tixepower
Relevance: 8.2%

First time I got any kind of contact with wordlinx ^^
on: May 23, 2010 09:32 AM 
Started by klickjobs, Message by klickjobs
Relevance: 8.2%
Don`t know why but at me WordLinx have a little freez . dance2
w/e Congrats.

They're moving to a new server... check da twitti  XD
http://twitter.com/wordlinx  Wink
on: Sep 05, 2009 04:07 PM 
Started by pebbles2003, Message by belgariad
Relevance: 5.5%
Congratz, wordlinx is great!
on: Apr 09, 2012 06:41 AM 
Started by phe0007, Message by phe0007
Relevance: 4.9%
lol Which site? I might advertise there rofl
I was post in ems about that site(idiot admin that allow to advertise from main balance rofl rofl) and now the site close mrgreen mrgreen
and I got 3 active wordlinx, 3 matrixmails, and some clicksense ref(now dead),and dozen dailydollars downline. rofl rofl rofl
and I see some members got refs from that scam site(I'm proud of it smug smug)
come to main topic I am standard and I was inactive and account reset once and I reused neobux again and got money mrgreen
on: May 30, 2011 06:07 PM 
Started by Santanderino, Message by Santanderino
Relevance: 4.8%
Yes, I do that with buxp and neobux :p I tried with wordlinx but gave up on like 40$ xD
The only one I wouldn´t mind to do it is ClixSense.
The truth is that I needed some money on Alertpay to pay my Bux-Matrix upgrade. Cool
on: Dec 20, 2011 09:15 AM 
Started by inesgamb, Message by inesgamb
Relevance: 4.2%
Hello guys, sorry for the late posting again.
Here are more payment proofs  Smiley


7th from SOTAM

4th from MobossPTC

1st from PattyClicks

7th from CashStream


8th from SOTAM

1st from PTOA

1st from BuxMatrix

8th from CashNHits

4th from RaptorClicks

1st from PTCManager


1st from GrandPTC

2nd from Wordlinx

2nd from PTOA

10th from Neobux

5th from MobossPTC

2nd from LogiPTC

2nd from GrandPTC

13rd from ValePTR

9th from CashNHits

1st from EarningNation

2nd from RelaxPTC

2nd from ClixSense

1st from HappyPigMail


1st from SandCastleCash

1st from Simply-Click

5th from RaptorClicks

8th from BigKahunaClicks

4th from EarnEasyCash

3rd from GrandPTC

10th from CashNHits

3rd from Cash4Clix

2nd from PTCManager
on: Jul 13, 2008 02:05 AM 
Started by youreden, Message by bentang
Relevance: 3.7%
i have 1st payment from Wordlinx..and use to upgrade membership just 5 USD, but Now be 10 USD for upgrade.

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