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Many Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online: Win $200 and Other Valuable Prizes!
Author Topic: Many Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online: Win $200 and Other Valuable Prizes!  (Read 338 times)
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Oct 15, 2020 12:52 AM


 Ojooo - The Luxury of Extra Earnings In Really Many Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online!


                                          Health & Fitness | Women’s Health | Diets & Weight Loss

Ojooo is a German registered company with famous products and services, PTC is one of their latest ventures. Ojooo’s PTC is “Ojooo wad” which is on the subdomain “wad” (wad stands for watching ads). So, to access the PTC Ojooo, you’ll need to type, wad.ojooo.com. Ojooo wad is a multi-tasks platform that has been successfully operating on the market for many years. It provides quality traffic for advertisers and easy ways to make money for earners. It is a legit, user-friendly, and highly rewarding PTC site known for its unique features.


Ojooo wad: Many Free Easy Ways to Make Money Online!
A German Registered Company with many products and services.
Online and Paying since 2013.
Unlimited Extra Free Income without investment!
Earn in many ways; view ads, complete offers, do tasks, perform mini-jobs, play grid, earn from referrals, solve puzzles, participate in contests, traffic exchange, and more!
Earn up to $0.04 per click.
Earn up to $0.02 ref click.
Unlimited referrals.
Free upgrade opportunity.
Win up to $10 from the Ojooo Grid.
Traffic exchange.
Solve Puzzles and win valuable prizes.
Promote ad spaces and get 30% on sales!
The first site with a mobile app to view advertisements!
Active forum.
Earn and get paid in Bitcoin, Etherium, or Payeer!


Ojooo's Other Products & Services:
Ojooo Ad: Revolutionary advertising system.
Ojooo my site: Web Creator.
Ojooo APP: Talk Application.
Ojooo email: Professional Email.
Ojooo me: Social Network.
Ojooo ICO: Advertising Powered By Blockchain.

Ojooo’s Direct Referrals Contest: Win $ 200 and Other Valuable Prizes!


                                          Health & Fitness | Women’s Health | Diets & Weight Loss

Ojooo is running a new contest where members can win $200 and many other valuable prizes. If you are not an Ojooo member, hurry up to register and participate in this contest you may win!

The Contest Details:
- Invite new direct referrals, collect points, and get money on your Current balance.


How to collect points?
1. Invite a direct referral who verified his e-mail address + 1 point.
2. Watching 250 PTC-advertisings from your direct referral + 5 points (during the contest).
3. During the contest registered direct referral buys an upgrade:
- Privilege + 10 points.
- Economy + 5 points.
- Economy Lite + 2 points.

How to advertise users?
1. Open your advertisement tools.
2. Send your promotion materials to friends, social media websites, etc.
3. Let them register through your referral link.
4. Be one of the WINNERs!!!


Prohibited methods of obtaining referrals:
1. Creating multi-accounts.
2. Using an auto clicker.
3. Using the same IP address.
4. Registration from the same IP address.
5. Using PTSU is not allowed.

If you're not an Ojooo member yet, I recommend for you to register, earn with many free easy ways to make money online, and participate in the contest. YOU CAN WIN! pray

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                                          Health & Fitness | Women’s Health | Diets & Weight Loss

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