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traffic reseller needed and we will guide you step by step how to bring sales
Author Topic: traffic reseller needed and we will guide you step by step how to bring sales  (Read 242 times)
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Oct 11, 2018 06:51 AM

hello my friends

we have a lot of traffic and our ads are everywhere we give the opportunity
to advertise your banners
your link through our rotators starting from 1.5$ per 1 day upto 30$ per 30 days
your link through receiveing direct ptc traffic with NO ROTATORS from .40$ per 1000 hits upto 35$ per 100k hits

now we are offering especial deals for anyone who bring to us sales so you will make a lot of easy money with us
the main guidelines that will enable you to sell our traffic easily is:
1- if you are a site owner then you can add easily option in your advertising page that you will sell direct ptc traffic
from many ptc and btc sites and you can talk to us to prepare this with you as well we can arrange making this ads with its values with you

2- if you are a member then simply you can make offers promoting our services through your account here or in the other forums a long the internet

3- you can as well send messages to sites owners to give them ideas about our traffic and how powerful we are

we will provide you with suitable prices that will encourage advertisers to advertise through you and will make a lot of $$$$$ for you as well

we will help you in making topics in the forums and in making the emails that you need to send to the site owners and in suggesting sites for you

we will guide you in any and each step to help you promote us

and remember we almost the only advertising service here who gives screen shots for the advertisers results with us

so we wish to see you working with us as soon as possible

our skype is

our email is
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