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[ANN][AIRDROP]X-CASH - Global Payments | Cryptonight v7 | Fast.Secured.Low-cost
Author Topic: [ANN][AIRDROP]X-CASH - Global Payments | Cryptonight v7 | Fast.Secured.Low-cost  (Read 1830 times)
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Sep 19, 2018 12:54 AM


X-CASH is a cryptocurrency built on Monero v7 with the aim to become a standard in digital payment and transaction settlement. We believe privacy is very important when it comes to managing personal finances, but at the same time, banks and institutions need to know the source of the funds for KYC purposes. Therefore, we plan on leaving the users the choice of whether or not they want their transaction to be public.
Because we are implementing a worldwide network of dedicated servers, we hope to make the synchronization of the blockchain faster than other cryptocurrencies as well as reducing transaction latency. We believe this network will be a key component in the deployment of the future improvements we plan on adding to the core code.

Fully self-funded

By having funded $100k of the capital, we have decided to not go through an ICO process. We believe this adds another layer of credibility by only asking personal and time commitment from the community. 
Finally, the control of 100% of the companyís equity will ensure that no dissension will happen in the decision-making process, enabling faster evolutions and a full realization of the long-term vision we have for the company.

Regulatory compliant and linked to traditional banking

By being incorporated in France, we want to be compliant with all France and E.U. existing and upcoming regulations. Similarly, thanks to our background in the financial industry, we hope to build a tight link with traditional banking. These two elements are compulsory and needed to bring cryptocurrency to mainstream adoption. Regulations will ensure the protection of the users and investors while banks will serve as a catalyst thanks to their solid base of retail clients.


Total supply (100 Billion) XCA
Mining, Airdrop
Cryptonight v7 (Proof-Of-Work)
~100.000 XCA (at inception)
Logarithmic until max supply reached in 2020
Block Interval
Tx time (average)
Block size (average)
Difficulty adjustment
Every 720 block


By granting only 2% of the coins to the founding team, we are hoping to build trust with the market.
Moreover, we have decided to link the release of the coins to the team with the evolution of the market capitalization of X-CASH.
This will both prevent any hard dumping and ensure the long-term commitment of the team whose interests are aligned with the community. Also, in accordance with our policy, we will provide quarterly external audits on the premine funds status and quantity.

Half of the premine is reserved to the airdrop/bounty pool. This enables to have a large proportion of our coins being evenly distributed between users, even those without huge mining power.

In order to enable a stabilization of the network hash rate and to validate our procedures, we have reset the blockchain 2 days (~3800 blocks) before the public release. The funds mined during this period (~400m XCA) will fully be released to the community through various bounties described in the bounty section.


We are a team of 3 people, who are dedicating 100% of our time to the project. In addition to the various experiences we have had with blockchain technology, our strong experiences and academic background bring credibility to our project.
We are not cryptocurrency experts but are slowly becoming ones thanks to our broad scope of technical skills.



Despite being more focused on successfully launching the first version of X-CASH at the moment, we are thinking about the future of our blockchain. X-CASH 2.0 will need to address two important topics which are scalability and ground base for API development. There are 3 possibilities we have been thinking about:

  • Evolve our current code: This is the natural path that we currently are focusing on. It basically consists of incremental releases, that will make us progressively reach our targets while keeping cryptonote and cryptonight PoW as core code. The next release of X-CASH 1.1 is set up for the end of September.
  • Build a new technology/core code from scratch: This is a very interesting path as we have a few ideas we would like to work on, which include a constant size blockchain or blockchain compression. We will later detail these concepts, once we can validate our first stage development and attract more funding.
  • Include X-CASH in an existing protocol: We are also carrying some thought about implementing X-CASH into a more developed blockchain network. ERC20 contracts as other standards on the Ethereum blockchain could be interesting but are not viable at the moment, because they still do not address scalability. Similarly, we have been watching closely what solutions EOS is offering because they could offer some answers to the challenges we are facing.
    Our conclusion is that the technology is not mature enough for the moment but we keep running parallel experiences and will revise our position accordingly, should any significant changes happen.


To support the X-CASH Network, we are setting up dedicated servers with high available bandwidth all over the world.
In addition to the nodes run by the users, they will ensure a fast synchronization of the blockchain and guarantee low latencies for all users from day one.
This consists of a 3-phase deployment that we will perform over the next months.

While the map below summarizes our current live servers, we hope to cover geographically 95% of the countries by the end of 2018.


Always thinking about improving users experience, we have developed our own desktop wallet to help users navigate through their account, send/receive payments and manage settings.
We are currently working on bringing the desktop wallet to OSX and Linux systems, and on mobile later this year.

Pool address : minexcash.com
Mining algorithm : cryptonight_v7

List of ports :

Starting difficulty
10 000
CPU Mining
50 000
Low-end GPU mining
100 000
High-end GPU mining
50 000
200 000
Very high-end GPU mining

Easily join our pool with our getting started guide to configure your mining application
Currently supported mining application : XMR-Stak, Claymore's Cryptonight AMD GPU Miner and Cast XMR

Server: EU / Pool fee: 0.9% / Minimum payout: 1,000 XCA / Payment interval: 1m

Server: Russia / Pool fee: 0.5% / Minimum payout: 1,000 XCA / Payment interval: 5m

Server: China & US / Pool fee: 0.4% / Minimum payout: 10,000 XCA / Payment interval: 1m

Server: US / Pool fee: 0.5% / Minimum payout: 10,000 XCA / Payment interval: 10m

Server: China / Pool fee: 0.8% / Minimum payout: 10,000 XCA / Payment interval: 10m



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