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eMoneySpace.com Introduction (Just for the newcomers)
Author Topic: eMoneySpace.com Introduction (Just for the newcomers)  (Read 17143 times)
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Sep 13, 2017 08:46 AM

It really doesn't look good to introduce eMoneySpace.com after a decade but this thread is dedicated to the newcomers who keep PM'ing me or making threads about how to earn money in EMS.

eMoneySpace.com is a platform which helps you earning money online.
We have two entirely separate sections.
  • EMS Forums
  • EMS Web Pages "Your own eMoneySpace"

EMS Forums:

  • EMS Forum is a place where you read & learn and of-course participate in debates and discussions about online earning programs.
  • It helps you selecting paying and stable programs even if you don't have any knowledge about what programs to join and where to invest your money and which programs to avoid.
  • In the Crypto Currencies board, Check whats going on in the Crypto World.
  • Check the Praises & Applause board to see which programs are paying.
  • It also helps you to get free referrals by using its Referral Exchange section by joining under other EMS members programs.
  • It also helps you to earn money by participating in Referral Deals Board's ongoing deals.
  • Participate in a Downline Builder thread and receive your free referral for the program you participated.
  • If you own any Virtual product and want to sell it, or wants to buy, then we have a dedicated Buy and Sell board.
  • You can get the affordable and suitable Advertising deals for your programs in our Advertising Offers sections. You may also sell them too.
  • Last but not least you can play EMS Games & Contests and win exciting money by playing free.


EMS Web Pages "Your own eMoneySpace"

  • As you know promoting PTC and GPT sites are mostly banned in free blog services, So here you go. You can create your own free space and promote your favorite PTC & GPT Programs.
  • You can customize your pages. Read the Tutorial thread for further instructions.

Just a Little TIP:

  • EMS Forum and EMS Pages are entirely different sites with different databases.
  • If You have made an EMS Forum account then it won't work on EMS Page side, You need to create a separate account for EMS Pages.
  • You can only have one EMS Forum account but you may create as many EMS Page accounts as you want, All you need is a different and valid email address for creating an EMS Page account.
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Reply #1: Jan 23, 2020 02:25 AM

thanks admin for this info, for all of us its clear i am sure .
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