Descriptive Vs Process Essays: 10 Key Differences and Similarities 

Basically, a descriptive essay is a kind of essay that provides a detailed description of something that is the main topic or subject. Generally, a descriptive essay same as an  Essay Writer is used to test students’ ability and skills to use language in a creative but original manner for the purpose of communicating to readers a special image of the topic of the subject.

On the other hand, a process essay is a well-structured form of writing that is aimed at giving readers guidance or direction. Comparatively, students get essay help more when they are assigned to write a process essay than a descriptive essay. It is because process essays are considered as technical flyers of essay writing.

However, taking a ‘process essay’ as a technical and daunting task and assigning essay writing service providers all the time is not right, either. Because understanding basic and key points about a kind of essay helps a lot in writing.

Moreover, students sometimes get stuck in differentiating several types of essays. As a result, they fail to compose a masterpiece because they are much likely to mix things up. For example, they provide a description of the topic or subject while writing a process essay, which is a disastrous mistake.

Hence, dealing with and eliminating such problems is hugely significant for every student. At this point, the following are the key points of differences and similarities between two different types of essays (descriptive and process) to help you better understand each.


Did you get points that make descriptive and process essays similar to one another as well as differentiate them from each other? Yes! Great!

However, you are looking for other tips that can help in composing your essays, no matter the type. Do not worry, give a bird eye view to the following bullet points.

● Always use brainstorming techniques whenever you are supposed to write a descriptive or process essay. So that you will easily ensure perfection
● Make sure that your language should be concise and formal, no matter what type of essay, you are composing same as an Write My Essay. So, your reader will easily pick the main idea/message.
● Always develop an outline in order to list all key points that you would cover in your final essay.