Certainly Nike was included and Nelly most likely made a few mil from nike with this marketing approach. This will be the particular driving force that will moves you with the "mud" and the more challenging times.

Nike Air Force One is a simple solution to the modern day complex lifestyle. Think about all the different activities that the modern consumer go through each day. The activities will include such a wide range that it may surprise you. For example, imagine having to walk and run just to catch the bus to work. And at work, you may have to stand for hours. When evening comes, you go for a short jog with a colleague. After that, you have a short game of basketball before dinner.

The solution is simple. Out comes a pair of hybrid shoes, known as the nike air force One. This line of shoes is a cross between a pair of sports shoes, and a pair of casual shoes. You won't find them to have specific features, but yet, they are comfortable enough for daily wear and outings.