3 Types Of Working Dogs

Do you know that some dogs do more than just being your friend and providing comfort? They are working dogs and they are here for a purpose. A working dog is trained to perform a certain task and duty.

Usually, these dogs have some innate talents that are honed and used for multiple purposes. They are trained to help others and they love their jobs. Following are the main kinds of working dogs that we may see around ourselves.If you have any pet as emotional support then you must have ESA letter.To get an ESA, a person needs a valid and genuine emotional support animal letter to live and travel with their pet.

1. Service Dogs

A service dog is specifically trained to assist a disabled person. The training is given according to the owner and they assist people with different physical and mental issues like blindness, deafness, people who are in wheelchairs or have mobility issues and those suffering from seizures.

2. Emotional Support Dogs

Unlike a service dog, an emotional support dog is not trained to perform any job or task, it is just there to provide emotional support and comfort for its owner. Why did we add it into the working dogs lists? Because they are more than pets and provide comfort and support to the people suffering from depression.

3. Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are used in Animal-Assisted therapy that uses trained and certified animals to assist in the therapy and help soothe the patient during the treatment sessions. These dogs also visit places like hospitals, nursing homes and hospices to comfort the people of all ages. Besides, they also visit schools and daycare centers to help the kids cope with the new environment.

Working dogs make our lives easy and comfortable in many areas. While some dogs are bred for the purpose of a working dog, others are suitable for being lap dogs and companions.Get ESA letter for your dogs and checkout  ESA letter sample online.