Attention EMS users!
Never deal with these users!
However if you still wanna deal with these members, please do so. It's your choice.
I just don't recommend you guys to deal with them anyway.


Updated per 17 June 2018
@Vingt has been added to my black list due to his disrespectful to me as fellow members.
Added some real proof for @kamel and @bigshotmoney.

Updated per 21 June 2018
@asola2017 has been added to my black list due to not paying RCB in the mentioned time.

Updated per 25 June 2018
Added real proof for @asola2017 as fake RCB dealer.

Updated per 11 July 2018
@ImSoCool has been added to my black list due to not paying RCB for me. Selective payment and not respond my message about delaying payment.

Updated per 3 September 2018
@Asgharkhis has been added to my black list due to delay payment and low earning RCB, not as he mention 80-90% RCB is the BULLSHIT.


Please click the username below to see his/her profile.

@ ClixxCo @
Scammer admin, insolent, shittier. The very first users here to blame. Also the main reason I joined EMS forum. The very first post I made on EMS forum.
Thanks to him! I enjoy my life being here.

For detail info, plese check >>> here <<<


@ jurist @.
Arrogant users. Act like she is staff support of EMS but actually not.  You can tell by her reputation.

For detail info, please check >>> here <<< And >>> here <<<


@ Vingt @
I have no idea why he got angry to me. I don't understand at all. He ever reject my offers before. But I got no problem after that. I acknowledge him as my friends but he just dispute me with no reason after I got banned. Now I know right he is not my acquaintance or my comrade. He is not really good to deal with. I guess you guys need to stay away from him, based on my experience.

Check >>> here <<< And here >>> here <<<


@ r_a_c_a_4_u @. Alongside with @ chissy00 @
Both of them are rude, shitty, and unpleasant women. They are not respect fellow members.
For raca4u, judge every members with his personal opinion. Act like she is everything to rule the world.  In fact, she is no more than piece of shit. She is not only reject my offer but report to admin. Her reputation tell that she is not really recommended to deal with. Stay away from her.
For chrissy, pretend to be nice friend, but eventually she is just my enemy behind the scene (check detail info below). She just ruined her own topic with her bad attitude only to fooling around with me. Be careful not to deal with her. She can stab your back like fake friends.

For detail info, please check >>> here <<< and >>> here <<<


@ kamel @.
Impudent brat, impertinent, ignorant, and unfriendly user. He was not responding my message for important deal. Look into his reputation then you can tell. He is just half-assed. He is not seriously in business or deal. I strongly advised not to deal with him. Stay away from this user.

For detail, please check my conversation below:

I got no reply from him.

Also check >>> here <<<. I reply to his topic, still got no respon.


@ bigshotmoney @
You will understand after you see my personal message with him. Half-hearted guy, I think.


@ asola2017 @
Fake Refferal Dealer. Not paying RCB in the mentioned time. Not giving any notification. Not serious in deal. So, I have no choice but to cancel the deal. Several users (including myself) are joining him but nobody giving proof that he is really paying his RCB. I strongly advised to avoid joining his sites.

For detail info, please check >>> here <<<. Noone got paid.

I have noticed he copied exactly same words from @mahmoud568. Check image below:


@ @ImSoCool @

I really have no idea why he don't pay me and don't reply my message. Selective payment I think or sentimental problem with me. Everyone got paid but me? Now I know enough he is not really recommended for deal.

For detail info, please check >>> here <<<


@ Asgharkhis @

For some reason, I need to stop the deal with him:
- He said he paid 80-90% RCB, but I got very low earning everytime I request payment. He is bulshitting himself.
- Everytime people request payment he slowly delay it
- He don't inform immediately when the site scam or stop paying.
- No scam compensation. I ever click for nothing.

For detail info please check here, here, here and here