What the athletes themselves call laconically "sports nutrition" for people who have nothing to do with physical culture is a dark forest and "continuous chemistry". At best, an ignorant person saw sports nutrition, passing by a special counter in a fitness club, or on a banner not far from the gym.
But if you decide to seriously go in for sports and, at least, tidy up your figure, it is useful to know what sports nutrition is, and with what, as they say, they eat it.

Some drink cola burgers, others clog the refrigerator with avocados and celery, and still others have plastic cans and bags with bright inscriptions in a kitchen cupboard. And you won’t guess what use is hidden in them. - Sports nutrition is a special group of food additives that acts as an additional source of proteins, carbohydrates and fats (macronutrients), vitamins and minerals (micronutrients), amino acids, and other useful and necessary substances for an athlete.

Yes, the same can be obtained from ordinary products - if everything is calculated correctly and correctly prepared (!). And those same cans with a professional sports nutrition just contain a concentrate of everything necessary for the body, which endures serious physical exertion from day to day.
Sports nutrition is necessary mostly for people who are actively involved in sports or fitness, or are experiencing serious physical exertion, you can read about such nutrition here - https://blog.dnevnik.hr/adamfitness