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Elite RS guide click eliters, hottestrs& eliters2.
Elite RS guide click eliters,hottestrs & eliters2.

★first choices, #Trusted (Revshare+traditional PTC),▲Trusted hyip ●second choices.

Since 2020:

Since 2019:

Since 2018:

Since 2013:
pai*rts(ROI 120%),
#you*profit(ROI 120%),

Since 2012:
Since 2010: ★my*value(ROI 130%),

2):hottestrs:Hot Donation,Matrix,RS etc.

Hottest Hyip:More hyip & details,please click here
More Hyip & hyip details,please click here

Hot & Long-term Hyip(the sites with * are highly recommended. hyip sites are risky.
We also put the toppest hyip sites in elite RS group 1 section too.):

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Hot & Long-term Hyip(the sites with * are highly recommended.):

Top Other sites(Elite):
Top Other Websites: please click here
Top Other Websites: please click here
4*ners, S*I,

Cashback shopping:mrrebates(since 2002),extrabux(since 2006),
ebates(since 1998),fatwallet(since 2009),beruby,(since 2007).

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complete list click here
complete list click here


     ###pai*erts,the real king of PTC+Revshare.
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paid*rts info:

Founder: Richard Matthew John O’Neill (Jo Cook) & Carlos Garcia.
Current admin:Marc de Koning

Company: Future Business Group Ltd ,Same owners as mytrafficvalue(crowd funding company since 2010)
Your account & earnings can be used across both websites.

How to earn big profit with paidverts?
You can check the log in steps after you register.

###mytraff*value,the best  crowd funding company.

We all know hot site paidverts,and mytrafficvalue is the sister site of paidverts.The team is very trusted.
Now we will tell you how to earn with mytrafficvalue(ROI 170.2%--240%)

1.Click here to create an mytrafficvalue.

2.How to earn:

1).Buy company shares at shareholders' marketplace to get weekly dividends or simply hold onto them to gain in value as the company grows to resell for a profit later. MTV shares' value has grown for over 1000% in the past year! Dividends average at 5-20% of share value yearly. You can also "day-trade" shares for profits daily, as on any share/stock market.

2).Invest into Fast Track Plans at  to help fund the development of our portfolio that will repay you a fixed return based on a plan you choose. Check our Fast Track Queue to see just how quick that happens - we think you'll be surprised!

3).Play many of our casino & skill based games, with chances of winning huge jackpots!

4).Play Voting game to vote on if a program will be paying or not in 14 days to win a share of opposing bets and to participate in our weekly/6-monthly competitions.

###youg*profit,ptc and rev share.
Same owner as elite twickerz,Earn revshare on 2 levels.

Earning options in youget*ofit:

Buy shares in yougetprofit

1 share cost $25,and will turn into $30
And the share will bring you extra advertising credits:
2001 PTC Credits (Upon purchase)
100 Banner Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
5 Login Ad Credits (Upon purchase)
25 Points (Upon purchase)

Please note that different membership has different share limit in yougetprofit

If you want to buy more shares,you can upgrade.
You need to click at least 4 ads to qualify the profit.

Highly recommended PTC+Revshare sites(you can click the banners to join)

***pai*ts,since 2014,

***myt*value,the best crowd funding company.

eas***up,pay the product,earn huge.

***youge*fit,ptc and rev share.
Same owner as elite twickerz,Earn revshare on 2 levels.

eas***up,pay the product,earn huge.

we*ate,Online Business Starts Here.

S*I,since 1998.Grow a second Income.

lead*leap,Since 2008,now is LeadsLeap2.0.
More Money, More Traffic, More Leads,& Revshares.

revs*ptime,Trusted PTC+Revshare

ptc*hare,from paid*rts team,next big one.

opti**lbux,New Project from elite gpt**anet & scarle**clicks admin.

adv*ev,sister site of long-term revsu*time,trusted admin.

Cashback shopping:
mrrebates,since 2002,cash back online shopping.

extrabux,since 2006,cash back online shopping.

ebates,since 1998,cash back online shopping.

beruby,cash back shopping since 2007.

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