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The Vietnam War film, “Platoon”, was directed and written by Oliver Stone in 1986 and is the first in his trilogy of works about the Vietnam War. Film reviews of “Platoon” discuss the film’s plot, cast of characters, themes, production, and awards received.

"Platoon" was based on Stone’s own experiences as a member of the US infantry in Vietnam.  This is important information to include in fillm reviews of “Platoon”. Film reviews of “Platoon” should also summarize the film’s plot, explaining that it is about a young naïve American, Chris Taylor, who volunteered for the Army. A description and analysis of the major characters in the film as well as the actors who played these parts should follow in film reviews of “Platoon”.  Some of the characters and actors to include in this discussion are Charlie Sheen who played Chris Taylor, Tom Berenger who played Sgt. Barnes, and William Dafoe who played Sgt. Elias Grodin. The production of the film should be discussed next in film reviews of “Platoon” as well as the cost and length of time it took to finish the movie.  Film reviews of “Platoon” should also discuss the themes about good vs. evil, deception, and morality found in the film. Lastly, film reviews of “Platoon” should list the awards earned by the film from celebrated award giving bodies such as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards, and Berlin International Film Festival.

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