What should be in the essay
First you need to take care of his style. The essay is written in a simple and lively language, in which the author shares his thoughts, aspirations and concerns with the readers. He does not prove anything, but offers speculation and even quarrels. To create such an effect in the essay, to start with pay for essay, epithets, allegories, and aphorisms are also used there.
Second, pay attention to the structure of the essay. Thoughts should not spread, the conversation with the reader should not move from the initially set topic to another. To do this, make an essay plan.
Title. He must be intriguing, attractive. It is worth using a pun, a riddle, but not misleading readers.
Introduction. Takes up 30% of the text. Its purpose is to generate interest in writing. You can use quotes, aphorisms, statistics, unusual facts. The introduction indicates (but does not cover) the main idea of the essay.
Main building. Takes up 60% of the text. Reveals the main idea, supported by thoughts, interesting facts, vivid, inventive descriptions. If the introduction should be as simple and clear as possible, as when you do my homework for me, then in the main part you need to use all the lexical and stylistic richness of the Russian language.
Output. The remaining 10% goes away. It summarizes or expresses the main idea to which the author reflected in the essay.
How to prepare for writing an essay
If you prepare in advance, you will not have the question of how to write an essay correctly. Initial preparation is as follows:
Check your essay options. If you are writing an essay for a blog, for a magazine, you first need to decide how long it will be, who will read the essay and, therefore, in what style it is best to convey your thoughts to the audience, on what topic, reason, fact that you will take into account ...
Collect information. In your project, use the assignment help, write down facts, statistics, quotes and other materials that may be useful to you on the topic.
Write an essay outline.
Identify the main thoughts, milestones that will be covered in the essay, one by one. This will help preserve the internal logic of the text. The easiest way to work on an essay is to write the body first, then the introduction, and then the final. Then place them in the correct order. We prepare and check the finished work again. In the heat of polemic inspiration, people often make mistakes that, when re-read, are easy to see and correct.
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