If you are a beginner in crypto gaining, and you are not satisfied at all of your profits, just check my ways to earn i elaborated in last months, maybe you will find something you didn't know or discover yet, i will try to explain most primary things as best i can to make it all easier for you. Try to discover those programs without hurry and boosted expectations, discover your own way, best way to earn, its quite important, if you want to last in long term. And remember one thing i want to say right now, think about it and find a possibility for you to gain some extra cash -> It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE that crypocurrency amount worth 1$ or 10$ right now, will be worth 100 or 200$ in 2020 or 2021, and that "not impossible" should be an enough punch for you (for me it is) to spend some free time, be systematic and assiduous.

1. Create accounts at these multi-micro-wallets (thats how it should be called right?), you will need them, as a short period storage place, most of programs are using them for fast withdraw option with low withdrawal limits ( if you don't have cryptocurrenty addresses go to step 8 for a while you will really need it soon or later)


2. After creating coinpot account now you can use faucets that pays directly into this micro-wallet, try to find your best way of earn, how many times u can/want to click. I'm usually trying to gain cryptos 2-3 times per day. Low profit but stable and trusted, more time focused here more cash for you

3. After creating faucethub account now you can withdraw funds from those cool auto-multi-faucets, idea of those tools are quite simple, complete shortlinks, faucets, offerwalls, surveys and gain POINTS, next you can start auto mining multiple cryptos (existing in faucethub) until you do not spend all of those points. Simple and profitable


4. If you are new in crypto gaining, completing surveys and shortlinks might be extremely boring (it was and still is for me:>), thats why i really value programs based on games, IDEA, FUN, and gaining cryptos at the same time? YEP! Faucethub account needed for withdraws.


5. Cryptocurrency mining by browser - download cryptotab browser and just set mining off->on, and thats all!Perfect way to make passive profits

6. Eobot- Place to invest if you want gateau, not just cookies! Remember step 2? you can easily use coinpot gainings to rise your gh/s mining(i prefer GHS 6.0), just generate wallet addresses in eobot deposits and withdraw from coinpot small amounts of cryptos every time you reach withdraw limit.Stable and trusted program to long term invest. Oh and i almost forgot, click right there    products->faucet, you can use faucet worth 0.005$ once a day for free!

7.Veteran ptc and survey/offer walls. Existing many years,stable, paying for sure, i prefer ojoo and ofc neobux<3.Payments are in $$ so you will need paypal, neteller or skrill acc. .

8. Ok now you have crypto-tools, and even cryptos,a bit more and more every day... value: 1,10,100,200,500,1000$... how to make them in your pocket if you want to buy a new car? the best and most simle way is cryptocurrency exchange site, i use few sites, im focused on safety and beeing sure exchange site will be existing for years, but still... its not a best idea to hodl all cryptos in 1 place. You can withdraw easily cryptos from coinpot,faucethub, eobot directly into trading site, i didnt had any problems with it. Just sell them in good time and price you will be satisfied into USD,RUB,PLN,EUR whatever you want/use and withdraw to a bank account.


Well, thats all, i wish you all high profits for us all