Working from home is an increasingly frequent activity. In fact, there are some professions in which commuting to the workplace becomes a mere formality. For this reason, many companies are beginning to promote teleworking, a formula to save time and travel expenses. In addition, this option increases the employment possibilities of people with reduced mobility. It is also proposed as a tool for reconciling work and family.

However, the long tradition of presentiality in the labor market still generates many prejudices. It must be borne in mind that new technologies have opened a new range of options, but we are still in the period of adaptation. Above all, we must banish the idea that working from home is equivalent to doing nothing or yielding less. On the other hand, the workers themselves must make an effort to make everything work.

In this post, we present some basic tips. Are you self-employed and work from home? Has your company proposed to you to try teleworking? Do you travel often and don't have a permanent job? These 10 actions written by meowessay professionals will make it easy for you to perform without interference. Put them into practice and get rid of prejudices!

10 keys to make telework work

1. Consider it a job as serious as face-to-face. The most important thing is that you take yourself. So you should value this job like any other.
2. [ulr=]Set strict hours and habits[/url]. Another basic question is to establish a daily routine. In this sense, it is advisable to set the alarm clock early, shower, and have to breakfast before starting. Just like if we had to leave home.
3. Having their own space to work. Working in a bedroom or kitchen is not a good idea. Disorder or the association of ideas with other obligations can deconcentrate us.
4. Maintain contact with colleagues. Although we do not see them daily, there are many ways to have a fluid relationship with colleagues: meet for lunch, talk on social networks, work in person some days, etc.
5. Separate leisure from work obligations. Telecommuting has the risk of becoming addicted to the world of work. Even if we have access to the company's system or to the work email, we must know how to separate the various plots of life.
6. Do not lead a sedentary life. If we work from home and also go outside a little, we are exposed to health problems. So, before or after work, set yourself a goal to exercise.
7. Take short breaks to eat or stretch your muscles. Contractures can appear if we are in the same position for a long time. Likewise, we have the right to stop for a few minutes to gather strength.
8. Do not consult social networks. When we work alone and from home, the temptation to consult social networks is greater. Avoid them.
9. Have an email and a work phone. It is useful to separate the personal parcel from the labor one. Don't use private email to work.
10. Have the support of those who live with us. The family must contribute to respect the spaces and not disturb them.