Floor brushing and floor paint building and construction may seem like the exact same, both are painting the surface area of the flooring, however in reality there is a huge difference in the building and construction process.
In actual construction, many customers are lulled into utilizing floor brush paint instead of flooring building.
Traditional flooring paint is a thin layer of paint on the ground, the main function is beautiful, however the functionality is poor, easy to delaminate, peeling, falling off, not pressure, wear-resistant, but the cost is more affordable than the general building and construction of the floor covering paint over half. And modern standard floor covering paint construction is a multi-step procedure to accomplish.
Different substrate treatments
Traditional painting does not take note of the treatment of the substrate, often the concrete is coated with primer without any treatment, some only slightly dealt with, the treatment is shovel a shovel, sweep, get rid of dust just.
1. Requirements for concrete floorings.
Concrete is needed to be compact and flat with a strength of not less than C20.
The flatness of the ground is usually needed in the 2M series of the distinction is not greater than 2mm, if the difference is big, the floor covering must be thickened to minimize the distinction.
( a) If the ground on which the painting is to be used remains in the subfloor and the water table is high, the concrete subfloor will be waterproofed.
( a) New concrete dried for a minimum of 3 weeks with a wetness content of no greater than 8 percent.
It can also be painted on terrazzo and other substrates.
2. Substrate treatment approaches for brand-new concrete substrates, using the following treatment techniques.
Treatment Function: Improve the general flatness of the ground, eliminate drifting layer and dirt, and get an uniform rough surface for covering adhesion.
Treatment equipment: Self-absorbing ground grinding machine (imported from Japan) and vacuum.
Requirements: To achieve a solid ground without any trachoma or holes, and at the same time, dry and tidy, without floating dust, oil spots, cement sand and other particles.
Various paint choices
Traditional flooring covering typically does not make a strict choice of paint, just utilizing leading coat to paint 1-2 coats, not using closed guide, or randomly utilizing a similar steel structure with the very same guide to paint. The building of epoxy floor covering paint is made of epoxy primer, epoxy medium paint, epoxy putty layer and epoxy top paint in layers, so regarding make sure the wear resistance and pressure resistance of epoxy floor covering and keep the beauty of standard oil and gas flooring.
Modern flooring paint coating approaches have actually seen significant innovation
The traditional way of using flooring paint is spraying, brushing or roller, however the flooring engineering company innovates the method of finishing according to the building and construction efficiency and coating requirements.
TheConcrete power float discussed above has another sort of Ride on trowel machine, which can greatly improve the precision and efficiency of the building.