Wood Types is one of the few renewable natural resources. It is an important product utilized in our day-to-day life and the economy. There are Different Wood Types used in house making and furniture; newspapers, books, and magazines.

When the finished concrete surface shows the air void in it or the majority of aggregate with no mortar between them indicates the Honeycombing of Concrete. Honeycomb in concrete is caused by the mortar not filling the spaces between the coarse aggregate particles.

The Parapet wall is an extension of the wall at the edge of the roof that creates a barrier and it can be used for more than a roof, including balconies, terraces, walkways, and other structures.

The Rebound Hammer Test on concrete is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete that provides a convenient, fair, and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete.

FSI full form is Floor Space Index and is the ratio of the built-up space on a plot to the area of the plot is a regulation followed in the development

Hydraulic cement is an inorganic material that has the ability to react with water under ambient conditions to produce a hardened and water-resistant

When anyone thinks about constructing a new house for them, they start to search for house construction costs. They try to relate the what is 1000 sqft house construction cost with their construction.

CMU Wall stands for Concrete Masonry Units Wall are environmentally friendly and versatile building products that can be used for a wide variety of applications. These blocks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes available, they can be used as part of attractive exterior design, as well as to add interest to types of internal walls.

https://civiconcepts.com/blog/bhk-full-formBHK Full Form is one Bedroom Hall Kitchen and 2 BHK Means, 2 Bedroom, Hall & Kitchen, 1 RK means 1 Room and Kitchen only and 2BHK 2T means, 2 Bed Room

Monolithic Slabs vs floating slabs are the easiest, fastest, and inexpensive Types of Foundations available. The truth that they are poured in one go says that they are efficient to prepare, and they similarly give a solid foundation.

The total area of the building including interior and exterior wall, measured at floor level of the basement or at any story including balconies, is defined as Plinth Area.

Installing the fencing around your home boundary will not only play a role in the exterior design of your home but also give one of the most important benefits for all houses like security & safety. There are Types of Fencing. are available for a yard. That all types vary in their durability, appearance, and level of maintenance.

What Is Countertop?

What Is Fencing?
Installing the XXXXX  around your home boundary will not only play a role in the exterior design of your home but also give one of the most important benefits for all houses like security & safety. There are different types of fencing are available for a yard. That all types vary in their durability, appearance, and level of maintenance.

What Is Anti Termite Treatment?
Anti Termite Treatment is a chemical procedure carried out for soil, masonry, wood, and electrical fixtures to provide the building with a chemical barrier against the subterranean termites before and after construction.

What Is Structural Load?
Structural loads in buildings produce various Types of Load such as deformations, stresses, or displacements. Structural loads are an important factor in the design of buildings. There are different types of load that act on a structure such as vertical load (dead load, Live load), horizontal load (earthquake load, wind load) and longitudinal load, etc.

What Is Skirting?
Types of Skirting are the Tiles or Board that lay in the corner or junction of the floor and wall. The Skirting boards help your room look bigger than it actually is, as the eye will move towards the floor and up the wall, which creates a seamless effect by a transition between floor and wall.

What Is Building Layout?
A Building Layout indicates the foundation plan on a ground surface, as shown in its drawings so that in order to carry out excavation, the positions, as well as orientation of the structure, can be precisely defined.

What Are Bridges?
The bridge is a rigid structure that allows the movement of vehicles and people to cross an obstacle like a stream, river, canal, valley, heavy traffic road, etc.
The following are Types of Bridges based on various parameters,

•   Timber Bridge
•   Stone Masonry Bridge
•   RCC Bridge
•   Steel Bridge
•   Pre–stress Bridge
•   Composite Bridge

Introduction To Steel Piles

Steel Piles and steel pipe piles are widely used in large construction sites such as harbors, bridge construction, retaining walls, cofferdam, pile foundation, and others. Steel piles are more suitable for soft thick ground. Because in this type of soil the bearing strata are available in the deeper layer.

Architectural Symbols
Architects must have knowledge of different Architectural Symbols and signs that are generally used in drawing. All drawings prepared by the architect must be understandable by general people who are connected with construction projects.

Signs of Water Damage In House
Most people like to think that we will be able to spot Signs of Water Damage in our homes. But the damage is not always immediately visible on the home.
Water is extensively damaging to the structure of the home or the aesthetic appearance of a home.

What Is OTS In House?
What Is OTS in House is full form is Open To Sky. It is an area in a house plan, which directly opens to the sky and is covered by fiberglass or some other translucent material. Open To Sky (OTS) is an area in a house plan, which doesn’t have a roof.

3 Types of Stones Used In Construction

Stone is the prime material of building construction. Because it has more durable, strong, stiff, and free from defects like crack, soft patch of material, etc. Types of Stone is the prime material of building construction. Because it has more durable, strong, stiff, and free from defects like crack, soft patch of material, etc.

What Is Canal Irrigation?

A Canal Irrigation is an artificial channel, generally trapezoidal, constructed to convey water from rivers, reservoirs, etc. for several purposes like irrigation, power generation, navigation, etc.

Types of Paint Brushes and Their Uses
Choosing new colors for your home is the most exciting work. We can probably spend hours for searching inspirational looks but not think about whichTypes of Paint Brushes is used.

What Is Aluminium Paint?

Aluminium Paint is filled with aluminium flakes and solvent–based paint. This paint gives an aluminium kind of touch. Aluminium paint can resist temperatures up to 150 degrees C. Also it resists corrosion due to water resistance properties.

Bar Bending Schedule (BBS)

Bar Bending Schedule is a table form data in which various diameters of steel, the shape of bending, length of each bent and straight portions, angles of bending, the total length of each bar, and a number of each type of bar. This information is very useful for site engineer who is working on-site and while preparing estimate and bills of work.

What Is False Ceiling?
A False Ceiling is different from a standard ceiling which is made from decorative material such as gypsum board, PVC panels, and tiles, etc. There is an empty space left between the standard ceiling and the false ceiling. The False Ceiling Designmaterials are excellent materials to use to improve soundproofing in halls and auditoriums.

Types of Houses In India
The Types of House In India are different from ancient times to modern times. Because of changes in people lifestyle. Today numbers of factors are responsible to buy a house in India.

What Are Transom Windows?
A What Is Transom Window it means that is placed or installed just above the door and window of the house. It is one type of decorative window. It is also known as the “transom light” because it can able to let more natural light or ventilation.

What Are Standard Window Size?

The main purpose of Standard Window Size is to give a proper amount of air circulation and ventilation to the closed enclosure. Also, the size of the window depends upon the room and also the location of the room according to the wind direction follow in the plot region.

Difference Between Wood and Timber
The Difference Between Timber and Wood is that Wood is a hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub used for fuel or timber. Whereas, Timber is prepared for use in building and carpentry, trees grown for timber, or a wooden beam or board used in building a house, ship, or other structure.

What Is Bay Windows?

The Types of Bay Window is just a multi-panel window that extends beyond a building’s outside wall. The outward protrusion, which is stabilized by the sill height wall, generates a bay or even interior recess.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Steel Fiber Concrete is a type of reinforced concrete. Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete as the name suggests that is made up of composite materials such as cement, sand, aggregate, water, gravel, steel fiber, and admixture. In this concrete fiber, steel fiber is an additional ingredient.
Classification Of Roads
The Classification of Road supported traffic volume of tonnage have been arbitrily fixed by different agencies and there might not be a standard agreement regarding the bounds for every of classification group.

20×50 House Plan
If your plot size is 20×50 feet, it means you have a 1000 square feet area then here are some best 25X50 House Plan.
30×40 House Plans

If your plot size is 30×40 feet, it means you have a 1200 square feet area then here are some best 30x40 House Plan.

East Facing House Plan as per Vastu Shastra Download Pdf

According to Vastu shastra, the east is the most beneficial direction. East symbolizes life as God Sunrises from this direction. Sun brings light and energy to this world and this is why East Facing House Plan are considered best for any type of construction.

Free Download Best 3 Bedroom House Plan

The ower of a house may require 1 bedroom house plan, 2 bedroom house plan or 3 bedroom house plan. The requirement of each and every house is different from each other.