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* 2023/02/20 ADZV.IN $0.08
* 2023/01/20 EARNCLICK $0.05
* 2023/01/02 EARNCLICK $0.05

paying since 2008

PMBUX per click $0.015/cashout :$0.05

CIKNE /FREE 100 POINTS/earn opto 40points per click/cashout :$0.10

RUBBUX /Pay per click :0.035RUB/cashout :2RUB

PTCTOEARN FREE $1 TO MAIN BALANCE/Pay per click : $0.005/cashout :$2

PAY4VIEWS Pay per click : $0.005/cashout :$2

GALETCLIX Pay per click : $0.0025/cashout :$0.10

OOLANCER Pay per click : $0.005/cashout :$2

CLIXMEDIA(buxmedia sister site) Pay per click : $0.002/cashout :$0.25

BUXMOON Pay per click : $0.01/cashout :$0.99

ADZV Pay per click : $0.002/cashout :$0.02

MINIBUSINESS Pay per click : $0.002/cashout :$0.75

TIMEBUX Pay per click : 0.10RUB/cashout 05RUB

GMBUX Pay per click : $0.005/cashout :$05

NAUDADS JOIN AND WIN UPTO $50/ Pay per click : $0.01/cashout :$0.20/instant withdraw

ARGONCLICK Pay per click : 5.6 points/cashout :120 points ($.02)

EARNCLICK Pay per click : $0.01/cashout :$0.10

*Be careful when you invest in new sites.
*Avoid investing until you receive at least one payment.
*Always be active in forum(to know what members are saying about the site)
*Always focus on payments page (Usually the date of last payment)
*If you are in doubt about any website, visit the website and analyze it using the site link.

*Avoid cheating poor people's money. It will make you feel happy now, but you will have to suffer in the future.