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Updated 19/12/2016. List of PTC SCAM. LAST scams on line,  down the page


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Grandbux : Instant payments PayPal. Minimun payment $5

Neobux : Instant , Neteller,Tpayment. PayPal, Payzarustwave. Minimum $2

Clixense : Payment PayPal, Paytoo, Check. Minimum standar $8, Premiun $6

Legacyclix : Instan Payment Paypal. Minimun $4


Free exchange of traffic

HitLear Wiewer:   Automatic trafficAutomatic traffic. Payments referral commissions 5€. PayPal, AlerPay.  


Ptc1 : No pay,  no answer tickets

adznice :  It has vanished

earn2home : No pay

clixsent : No pay

iconclix : No pay. Drifting forum

Trafficmonsoon : It has stopped paying

Epiclix & Epicbux : Suspend account to request payment

winterbux :  PayPal has limited

edentraffic : Problems with PayPal, the usual excuse

littlebux :  PayPal has limited

adfiver :  Admin scamer

liteadz: PayPal has limited

licebux : PayPal has limited

Useclix : It has vanished

flashclix : It has vanished

pvtraffic : No pay. Tiket support answers with a code that does not exist.

Lotraffic : Sister of the above. No pay. Tiket support answers with a code that does not exist.

Wizibux : Supposedly maintenance from the 06/11

Welloclix : Suspended domain.

SortBux : No pay, closed forum

Polarptc : PayPal has limited

flatclix : PayPal has limited

buxcpt : No pay, closed forum

buxept : Not pay, Forum topics and manipulated with padlock

my6clix : Not pay. closed Forum

realptc : Not pay. closed Forum

Powbux : Not pay.

clixgroups :Vanished.

Acelix and sister Aceplus: Do no payd.
Bux888:  Not pay.

Bux999:  Not pay.

Spainbux99 :  Not pay. Proff False-payments

clixhome : Stopped paying

Familyclix :Suspend account to request payment

evibux : The Admin is the same Suspends accounts to request payment

inadbux: inadclix, inadpros :Admin thereof, they have stopped paying

buxtaste: Not pay. Proff False-payments