Hemp professionals regret overly complex French legislation on cannabis, which according to them is slowing down the development of the sector when the European Parliament has just voted a resolution in favor of therapeutic cannabis."In France, the law is not clear, we are in a legal limbo which is slowing down the hemp industry", explains Aurelian Delacroix, president of the professional hemp well-being union (SPCBE), who attended with some 500 players in the sector at the Cannabis Europa congress organized in early February in Paris.Aurelian Delacroix advocates the legalization of therapeutic cannabis, to alleviate the pain of patients, and “well-being” cannabis, used in self-medication, in food and cosmetics in particular.French law does not distinguish between "recreational" hemp which contains a lot of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, a psychotropic and illegal substance), hemp for "well-being" use, and therapeutic hemp, which hardly contains as cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule with soothing, non-narcotic, and legal properties.Only fiber and seeds can be used"We use the fibers of the stem in the automobile, in eco-construction, but we throw away the CBD HEMP FLOWER and leaf, while the hemp CBD could be valued", regrets Aurelian Delacroix.European regulations authorize the marketing of hemp using the whole plant. On October 23, 2018, the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal, which was to rule on the fate of KanaVape, pioneer of the hemp electronic cigarette, referred the matter to the European Court of Justice for an opinion, considering that the French regulations may not be compatible with that of the EU.
"This situation is full of hypocrisy," remarks Laure Bouygues. His company, Ho Karan, produces cosmetics based on hemp oil.
"We are reaching the limits of the ridiculous. CBD is an opportunity for French agriculture", repeats Jean-Baptiste Moreau, deputy (LREM) of the Ceruse banking on the legalization of therapeutic cannabis and "well-being" to revitalize its department.Based on the effects of the legalization of "welfare" hemp in Switzerland, the SPCBE estimates that the sector could "represent up to 1.5 billion euros in turnover in France within a few years. "."We need European harmonization, but first we need to clarify the situation in France," adds Jean-Baptiste Moreau.Advances in therapeutic cannabisIf, according to him, "mentalities are progressing", the first step remains above all the legalization of therapeutic cannabis. In total, 21 countries of the European Union already authorize cannabis for therapeutic use, but not France. French patients wanting to use therapeutic cannabis to relieve themselves have until now been forced to obtain supplies on the illegal market or to go abroad.