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4. 2008


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adBTC soo many ads for 31.5 satoshis today ... amazing !!!
Faucet Crypto still updating interface and the user experience. Newly added marketplace, where you can sell to or buy from other users your inventory items !!! I found on this platform few my favourite youtubers sharing their work. It  rewards me with LBRY tokens for watching videos or more !!
EarnSato:  what a surprise, this "new" faucet jumps between TOP5 paying sites at FaucetPay !! Minimum cashout is set to 250 Satoshi !! Instant payments!
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TimeBucks  added daily goal checklist and bonus cents. Complete the daily goal 6 days in a row and become PREMIUM!  introduced a brand new free game. Win a Rolex or $15,000 in Free BTC. Only 1 spin in a day!
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With the increasing popularity of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, more and more people are looking to get on the crypto train. If you’re not ready to buy Bitcoin with fiat currency or if you’re looking for legitimate ways to earn free bitcoin, then this blog post is for you. Before we dive…

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Earn Free BTC, ETH everyday by staking their token that you earn playing game
TrustDice is a gaming platform that pays us cryptocurrency dividends every day for keeping your token within it. They also added a box to claim free bitcoin.
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"Crypto Gambling site. Gamble multiple cryptos on different games.
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You can also exchange currencies."
I'm pushing BCgame because I truly believe in it. It has a low house edge, provably fair games and a daily spin of the crypto wheel. Along with stumbling on shitcodes, other daily bonuses and a great chat room I can't think of a better place to spend my social security cheque!


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In the PTC section they Pay BTC to you to just clicking and the reward is the best: 3-13 satoshis per click


Win free Bitcoins every hour.
Multiply your Bitcoins playing a simple HI-LO game that is designed to be provably fair by using a combination of math and cryptography.
Win big prizes with weekly lottery for which you get free tickets every time you or someone referred by you plays the free bitcoin game.
Tip: Collect enought satoshis with free-roll. As much as possible. And try provably HI-LOW game then. Try with 1 satoshi, on lose double bet. Another lose, another double.  On win go back to base bet. Be prepared, there should occur several HI or LOW in a row. I let this play whole few nights, while sleeping, auto-bet.
Each claim or wager you get reward points, you should encash them to Bitcoin. Or use it for increase bonus. Check "More".

Minimum widrawal: BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 30,000 sats.

Get Bitcoins for viewing websites. Longterm on the 1st PLACE at FaucetPay in "Total Paid This Week" !!!
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Tip: One of my most favourite PTC pages, watching all ads daily. Again, great you can loose focus with page and do another tasks on another page. I RECOMMEND!
Seems "must have" page, if you are thinking about advertising!

Minimum widrawal: BTC to FaucetPay: 5,000 sats., BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 10,000 sats., USD to Payeer: 5,000 sats.

Faucet Crypto
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Tip: IMHO great page for newbies, to understand quickly all the basic, of similar Paid to Click pages. What is Faucet, Shortlink, Advert, Offer or Survey.
Minimum widrawal: depends which coin and method you choose. But minimum to FaucetPay is really low, on my level 148 is minimum for Bitcoin 109 Satoshis.

High paying hourly free Bitcoins faucet. PTC ads,offers and surveys. Various CONTESTS.  Longterm on the 4th or 5th PLACE at FaucetPay in "Total Paid This Week" !!!
Tip: Monthly Offerwalls Contest, Total Prize 32,495,000 !!
Page is very similar to GraB.TC, but better paid faucet, ads! I RECOMMEND!

Minimum widrawal: TRX to TRON wallet: 15,000 sats., BTC to FaucetPay: 25,000 sats., BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 50,000 sats.

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Tip: Do you want to try some cheap promoting your referral links? On this page, you can try this. The lowest costs is 500 views, each for 3 Satoshis.
Amazing Monthly Refferal and Offerwalls Contests!!I RECOMMEND!

Minimum widrawal: BTC to FaucetPay: 5,000 sats., BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 10,000 sats.

$1 WELCOME BONUS. PTC ads, lots of offerwalls and high paying SURVEYS. Great place for ADVERTISING!
Tip: Few "dollars" each day are HIDDEN in the first tab "Surveys". Most of the time there is "Nothing for you" or "Everything eaten". These are not ads for few satoshis, but Surveys for THOUSANDS SATOSHIS !!! There are quotas for them. But it is possible, to find few each day. SO CHECK FEW TIMES A DAY. In my small country i found, that works TheoremReach, Your Surveys, SurveyTime, Pollfish and YUNO. It differs from country to country, you have to do your own research, which works, which not.
BUT FIRST, go to second tab "CONTENT and watch all "CLICKS", which are about TimeBucks. Thanks!
Another TIP is for people, who dreams about constant stream of referrals, yes, for FREE!! Go to the REFER tab and think about JOB LISTING ;-)

Minimum widrawal: $10, to Bitcoin wallet,Payeer, AitTM or TransferWise.

Get Instantly Rewarded with $1 for every survey you complete.
Tip: After completing your profile, enable notification. Or if you want have bigger chance to complete more surveys in one day, let page open in background, and check few times a day !!!Rewards are instant, you can choose PayPal or Coinbase.

HeedYou brings visitors to your website and ensures that they pay attention to it. Users look through websites to earn a little bit of extra money in their spare time.
You can earn by viewind ads, doing tasks and surveys.
Tip: Well paid YUNO Surveys, up to $1.4. SurveyTime at for 90 cents, and so on!! Beautifull page.
I RECOMMEND to try it out. Both for people who likes be credited for viewing ads and also for promoters, because of little different audience.

Minimum widrawal: $1 to Payeer an PayPal, $5 to Skrill.

More pics about what happend to me on this page

Earn Free Bitcoin By Rolling Faucet, Viewing Ads,Completing Offers and Hi Paying Surveys.
Share your referral link and earn 3 LEVEL REFERRAL COMMISIONS !!!
Tip: Hourly Faucet is giving me 60 satoshi few times a day!!.
Also referral rates are not bad, 3 level referral commisions means, that you get commisions from referrals of your referrals !!! That is not common in this "world". Hope this page has some longterm Goal.

Minimum widrawal: BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 30,000 sats., DOGE to Dogecoin wallet: 10,000 sats., USD to Payeer: 10,000 sats.

EasyHits4U is one of the most prominent internet marketing programs on the web.
Promote your referral links. Since 2003 !!!
Tip: For begining, choose one of your page you want to promote most and put it in "WEBSITES". Then press "START SURF 1:1" Simply said, for one page you view, you got one view of your page from someone else. More pages you surf, more views of your page you get. Plus there are many bonuses. This Week Bonus is $1. You can have it in one or two days, depens how much time you have. Dont worry, another page, where you can lose focus and do another stuff ;-).
If you register, you can ask me there.

Minimum widrawal: USD to Payeer: $5

Earn money by viewing advertisements!
Tip: The interface is nice, going through "Paid to click ads" is smooth, quick, without captcha. Afterwards, from menu Offers try OjoooGrid, daily you have 10 chances to win $1 or $2! Or check daily surveys in OfferToro, Wannads and Personaly. I RECOMMEND!

Minimum widrawal: $2, to Bitcoin wallet.

Join the highest paying Bitcoin faucet & rewards site. Earn thousands of Satoshis every day.
Tip: Cointiply have App for Android.
For beginning, I have few promo codes for you - WELCOME for 100 Coins, BEERMONEYGLOBAL for 300 Coins, MORECOINS for 100 Coins, INTHELOOP for 100 Coins. You have to wait 30 seconds between redeming each promo code. Hope they still work. If not, please tell me, will remove it.
In next day,I will add few sentences about COINTIPLY CHAT RAIN, which is so atractive for many newbies. Something uncommon on similar pages. Stay tunned ;-)
Minimum widrawal: BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 50,000 coins ($5) or DOGE to Dogecoin wallet: 30,000 coins ($3)

Withdraw earned money without the payment limit! All you need to reach 1000 Cashout Points and request withdraw. You can easily get Cashout Points by clicking Bonus Ads and Offerwalls.
No Minimum Payout - High OfferWall Earnings - No Need to Invest - Fast Payments.
Tip: The page should look difficult or maybe ugly, but maybe  because it offers much more choices then similar PTC pages.
Try go through menu "EARN MONEY" in the middle and top of the page:
View Advertisements - scroll at least to Offers Ads, daily 4 ads for $0.002.
Offerwalls - this is the main purpose of this page, you can find you almost everything. And also better paid than usually. In this menu, all annoying ads were removed some time ago.
Bonus game - you have daily 100 chances, aprox. in half cases you will win something (PTC, PTP, Banner Ad Credits, or credits to Main or Purchase Ballance). You can try advertise with it then, for free!
OffersGrid - click to Earn Credits or Other Prizes, 100 daily chances!
There is no minimum to widraw.You choose, how much you withdraw!!

Earn money now by viewing advertisement,completing task, offers and SURVEYS, playing online games. Many call it as KING of PaidToClic pages. Pays since 2008 !!! DESKTOP ONLY!
Tip: The most important for best performance is clicking daily 4 yellow/orange ads at the bottom. Results are shown in graph.
For each viewed ad, you have 4 chances to AdPrize.
Great tab is Surveys, credited imidiately after you complete.
Take care about tab Coins, you have to wait 2 months till its credited to main balance! I RECOMMEND!

Minimum widrawal: $2 to AirTM, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer.
Update: Cashouts using cryptocurrencies have been enabled in September.

Earn extra cash online! ySense is a global online community with multiple earning options. Join now and start earning with paid online surveys, cash offers, Appen Tasks and more!
Tip for United States: NEW ySense Watch: Earn with Paid Videos
Minimum widrawal: $5.05 to Skrill, $5 to PayPal, $52 to Payoneer, or $5 to Amazon.

Final Autoclaim - (by DutchyCorp)
Claim up to 43 different types of cryptocurrencies. Faucets, PTC ads, Shortlinks, Offerwalls.
Do you like SHORTLINKS? I suggest you to visit Shotlinks Wall. There are 150 shortlinks available !!! Users can each like or dislike, so on the top are the most favourites ones. And if you find some, which you are not familiar with, you can disable it, so next day, you will not see it !!! Really amazing, I didnt see something similar on any other page.
Minimum widrawal: depends on coin and widraw method. 8 coins are supported for widrawal to FaucetPay, 24 coins to ExpressCrypto. 9 coins to Coinbase and 40 coins Directl through the Blockchain. Bitcoin to FaucetPay minimum is 250 Satoshi, if you are fan of ExpressCrypto, you can Claim directly !!!

Earn Free Crypto by doing multiple tasks such as filling out Surveys, offerwalls, watching ads, doing shortlinks. Much more features like achievements, daily bonus, level rewards and await!

Join the most complex, secure and paying Dogecoin faucet & rewards site and earn thousands of Satoshis every day.
Tip: Page is similar to MoreMoney or GraB.TC. But this have also on the left side magic button Try SURVEY and you see quickly, if there is something prepared for you, to earn much more then you can with ads or faucet.
Minimum widrawal: 20 DOGE to FaucetPay, 100 DOGE to Dogecoin wallet.

Faucet Coin
Earn free Bitcoin. Faucets, Shortlinks, PTC Ads, Games, Mining.
Minimum widrawal: BTC to FaucetPay: 2,000 sats.

Claim every 30 Minutes FREE Bitcoin Complete offers, visit websites and many more!. Page similar to GraB.TC or MoreMoney.
Minimum widrawal: BTC to FaucetPay: 2,000 sats., BTC to Bitcoin wallet: 50,000 sats.

Claim the faucet, complete offerwalls, level up and claim challenges.
Minimum widrawal: BTC to FaucetPay: aprox. 10,000 sats.

Free Mining, Games.
5 Free Mining Turns....
BitShark is a platform where you can earn Bitcoin up to 0.1btc every hour. You also have the option to multiply your BTC. It also has a referral bonus of 50% plus other rewards.
#FreeBitcoin #makeFreeBTC #EarnBTC

You can earn by clicking ads, completing offers and referring new members. Since 2009. Total Members: 960966
Tip: You can lose focus during countdownm, it means, you can earn something on another page meanwhile!
Minimum widrawal: You can cashout to Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, AirTM and Bitcoin account. The minimum to cashout is just $2.

Get paid to: visit websites, refer other people and complete tasks
Tip: After viewing ads, from menu "Earn more" try Timbux Grid, daily you have 50 chances to win up to $8 that goes directly into your account balance![/color]
Minimum widrawal: $2, to Bitcoin wallet, Payeer, AirTM, Perfect Money, Skrill, Neteller

Few simple faucets at the end

One of the ROCKETS of this year. Already in TOP 5 cryptocurencies. Simple faucet, nothing more than this.

FREE bitcoin faucet paying out up to 30 satoshi every 15 minutes.



Coinbase is the world's most trusted place to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
Tip: you can use it as your software wallet.

Another MicroWallet, which you may need to widraw/claim from some earning sites.
You can generate here some profit - faucet, games, offerwalls, random giveaway.

Send, Exchange or Accept fiat and Cryptocurrency on your personal Account or Website.

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