Butterfly clicking requires you to slam your index finger and middle finger alternately on the left mouse button at a steady pace.

Butterfly clicking can increase the cps rate by up to 16cps! According to the user experience, this is ideal for Minecraft PVP.

When playing games such as Minecraft PVP, it is important to hit your target as fast as possible.
You will have an advantage if your opponent is playing at 6 to 7 cps while you are butterfly clicking at 16-17 cps.

The more hits you get, the easier it will be to defeat your opponent.

How to Butterfly Click Faster

Gaming has always been considered a healthy pastime. Playing online games, however, can cause havoc. Players are trying various tactics to get the most clicks in five seconds. The tactics are all safe, unless a player becomes obsessed with them and harms themselves.

Butterfly clicking is a relatively new discovery in comparison to jitter; it is a controversial way of clicking that is not permitted on many servers. However, this strategy gives you the fastest CPS while maintaining maximum control. By slamming two fingers down on the mouse, it works.

Lifting one finger while slamming the other down, the slam of the finger on the mouse, when done correctly, can result in many clicks thanks to the vibration and rattling of the mouse clicker, generally at least two clicks, but sometimes up to four.

Another reason it can be contentious is that some mice are much better at doing it than others, and people occasionally end up with mice that can do it effortlessly even as they wear out.

Because you're merely moving your fingers instead of shaking your hand, this method is easy to master. It reaches a maximum speed of 25 CPS. This is an incredible speed for a clicking test.

How to Butterfly Click in Minecraft

To perform a clicking test efficiently and effectively, a mouse is the best tool. For clicking, you could use a regular mouse, since it has two buttons next to each other, which makes it easier to use. Users can perform many clicks with just the two buttons on their mouse, including:

1. Regular Clicking

There are three types of clicking: double-clicking, single-clicking, and right-clicking. These are the most common types of clicking. Click and drag is a type of clicking that practically everyone does when they use their normal material.

2. Butterfly Clicking

It is one of the fastest kinds of clicking, and is usually used by people who have a lot to do in a short amount of time.

Moreover, individuals who enjoy playing games and would like to increase their scores would also appreciate and benefit from butterfly clicking. For beginners, butterfly clicking may be difficult.

3. Drag Clicking

This is also one of the fastest clicking methods, which makes it ideal for computer gaming. Drag-and-drop clicking is an easy method to use.

4. Jitter Clicking

Essentially, jitter clicking is a way of clicking quickly and performing multiple things at once. Jitter clicking is comparable to drag clicking. Performing it too fast, however, can be dangerous.

5. Auto Clicker

As this form of clicking cannot be performed with a conventional mouse, additional software must be installed. Games can be improved with persistent practice. Aggressive practice, however, can cause injury to the hand, wrist, and fingers.


Does Butterfly clicking harm your hands?

You would be at risk of severely and/or permanently damaging your fingers/hand/arm by doing something as ridiculously stupid as butterfly clicking while playing games for hours on end.

Is butterfly clicking considered cheating?

Butterfly clicking is explicitly forbidden on Hypixel and MMC, as you are aware. This is considered cheating.

Do you know how to click a butterfly in Minecraft?

Butterfly clicking involves two fingers, primarily the index and middle finger, and slamming alternately on the LMB (left mouse button) at a steady speed. A butterfly click can increase the cps rate by up to 16 cps! The user experience is ideal for Minecraft PVP (based on the experience).