I'm really proud of my livelihood as it unites many interesting personal qualities and skills. Unfortunately, there are also things that can take me from myself and give me a lot of anxiety. I'm constantly interacting with various people and making conclusions about hiring them, which can create all kinds of negative reactions from individuals. Of course, as a professional I know the way to post myself from all that and attempt to ease stress in my spare time with fun whenever possible.

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 Hi. I am 36 years old. I am from Alcoleja, Spain. I Am an HR director in a big company in Spain. I live alone, but I was married a few years back. At some point in our own lives, we understood that we had different targets and made a decision to separate. The truth is I have always been more passionate about my career than my family, which has caused me relationship issues. Aside from work, I love to do a variety of things. I always go to the gym regularly, I love to visit different states once I have a chance and I enjoy everything that's connected to the area of cinema, when possible I attempt to visit various festivals and conventions.