Crypto Bounties

Earn $1000 s worth Crypto
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Most of these campaigns are Telegram bounties. Therefore you need to install telegram first and set up your account.

Download Telegram

How to create Telegram Account

Then create your ERC20 support Ethereum wallet
My ether wallet is one of the best wallets. Create a account and get your public address
Create MEW account

How to create MyEtherWallet


Insert the public address and receive free tokens


List of Airdrops

Basic Attention Airdrop

How to join:

1. Join the BAT Telegram Channel
2. Fill this form:

My telegram username. *= @snwijeratne

Refer your friend to get additional 50 BAT worth $18

Airdrop distributed AFTER March 25, 2018.

Bethereum Bounty

Join here

Use this ref code MABPHSC

link your telegram and twitter account.
talk to the bot and link you social networks (twitter,FB,telegram)
tweet ,retweet and like FB and twitter post. you can earn 500 points from each. depending on you work you get tokens.
TRAK - 10 coins
Register here and get 10 TRAK

Talk to the bot.
join the channel
get coins
2 mins job

The have finished the Tokens sale
Follow the instructions and complete the registration with the telegram bot.
Complete the tasks in the dashboard and get free tokens

Egle Beast Token

Beconcoin Airdrop

INKTOKEN-Earn 500 Ink tokens(90$)-(Already on Coinmarketcap)(1 INK=0.18$)

Airdrop Form :

Use refferal Email :



Luxy Community

Join our Luxy Community and sign up for an account, Personal Token Limit 140,000 LUX Claim you LUX Tokens now!
Limited Supply

Invitation link:

Bit farm

visit here

enter your bitshare account name and receive the tokens
join the Bitfarm announcement telegram group
you will be ask to join the bitfarm official group

enter the code to bitfarm official group and receive the tokens

In case you don't have a bitshare account register here and create your account

you can create online wallet or download the wallet

DCC - 25 Coins
 Join the telegram and enter the code

Real State on Blockchainn
Join here
Join the telegram
like facebook
follow and retween twitter

Woter Token - 20 tokens free
Register here

Valens Token(VLNS)

Fill this form. Follow and retweet the message

Please use 6573 as Referrer
Fill this form. Follow and retweet the message  Please use 6573 as Referrer

CLassy Coin - 50 Coins

get 25 Cryptrivia Tokens
Register here - 30 sec job

LINO Tokens

Join Friendz

AAA Coin  - 50 coins

Pef token - 58 coins

CCBT chain 20 coins

Chater - 20 coins

JET8 -  50 coins
Talk to telegram bot

ERP Block

Satoshi game - 5000 coins

Fish chain

A big wave of airdrop is coming! FishChain, the first aquarium game on blockchain, with virtual assets exchange built in. FishCoins, Zero-generation Fish and 200 mining Fishbowls are waiting for you!


The Blockchain Empowered Revolutionary Digital Advertising Terminal, is now starting Pre Token Distribution!

SimplyVital health - 50 tokens

Join here

AOT Airdrop

join here
Insert ETH address
Join telegram group and insert your unique code


Join here and enter ETH address

Already on coinmarketcap

Gift coin

Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 GRAM!!!

GRAM is the token of its blockchain product TON.

iGift.One, the biggest international airdrop platform, will hold this event.

The achieved free iGift from iGift Box will contain a certain sum of GRAM.

Each iGift costs 0.2USD.

Get 100 iGift, just click and sign-up.

Gold Coin
GoldchainPro is a global gold asset trading platform based on blockchain cryptocurrencies. Open the first round of airdrop plans, register yourself to receive 18 gold tokens, invite friends to register to get 8 gold tokens, after the first round of airdrops can be sent.

NTT Airdrop 99 coins

Join - This is one of the best projects

Affiliate Coin
Register here

Register here
Add your Etherum address under the transfer tab

Register here

Click Gem
Register here and join the telegram .
Talk to the bot.
Enter Click gem wallet and participate in the Airdrop

Dacc Airdrop
Join the telegram group
Enter you ETH address
Get 40 Coins

Lucky Airdrop
Join the Telegram group
Enter your ETH address
Get 66 coins


Register here and invite friends

Join the Telegram group
Enter your ETH address
Get 5 coins

get 88 TBT!
Join the Telegram group
Enter your ETH address

Get 188 free
Join the Telegram group
Enter your ETH address

Satoshi Game

Get 18 coins
Join the Telegram group
Enter your ETH address

Talk to the telegram bot and get coins

Get 188 tokens
 I just got 188 SSS tokens for FREE, join me now! 👉

TLC Airdrop

Get 100 coins
Simply register here

Jus Naturale

CEEK airdrop


Get 128 coins

Intelligence Commerce Chain

33 coins


Fill the form

10 CLBK for free.

Bitup Airdrop
10 tokens

EKT Airdrop
Join Now

EAR Token
Join EAR And get 188 Tokens👍

Legit Coin
Register here and get 5 Legit coins

Alpha Token
Join now and receive tokens



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