What Is the Internet and How It Works?
At this point you might be wondering, how does it work? The answer must be quite complicated, need a very detailed explanation. Instead, let's look at some important things you should know. It's important to realize that the internet is a global network with physical cables. Which can include telephone cables, TV cables, and fiber optic cables. Even wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G rely on this physical cable to access the internet.

When you visit a website, your computer sends a request through these cables to the server. The server is where the website is stored, it functions like a computer hard drive. After the request is received, the server takes the website and sends the correct data back to your computer. The amazing thing is that this all happened in just a few seconds. That also depends on the network connection that we use.

One of the best features of the internet is the ability to communicate almost instantly with anyone in the world. Email is one of the oldest, most universal ways to communicate information sharing, and billions of people use it. Social media allows people to connect in various ways and build online communities.

There are many other things you can do in cyberspace. Like following the news or shopping for something online. You can pay bills, manage bank accounts, meet new people, watch TV online, or learn new skills. You can study or do almost anything online by connecting to the internet.