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(Dice, Slots, To the moon...)

1.   Onehash  -  Free faucet claims !
Sports & eSports betting available

2.   WinDice  -  Free faucet claims !

3.   LuckyGames  -  Free faucet claims!  -  Internal Exchange

4.   BetKing  -  Unique concept   -   Internal exchange  -  Bounties

5.   PrimeDice  -  Free faucet claims ! Established in 2013

6.   CryptoGames  -  Free faucet claims!  -  10 cryptocurrency accepted

7.   Stake  -  Free faucet claims !

8.   999Dice  -  Free faucet claims ! Established in 2014

9.   FunCryptoGames   -  Simple but fun

Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

Online Wallets:
1.   Coinbase   -  The most popular  -  Easy buy/sell  -  Easy transfert to your bank account

2.   CoinPayments   -  Large number of cryptocurrency supported  -  Easy conversion

3.   Payeer   -  Fiat exchange  -  Bridge to some payment processors  -  Little internal trading place  -  Transfert to your bank account

4.   Epay   -  Fiat exchange  -  Bridge to some payment processors   -  Little internal crypto exchange  -  Transfert to your bank account  -  Paypal withdrawals available

Desktop Wallets:
If you prefer to store your cryptocurrency yourself you have the choice between Exodus Wallet or Atomic Wallet which are both very complete and easy to use. The official Waves Wallet can be a good choice if you are a crypto specialist or investor.

Smartphone Wallets:
The best multi cryptocurrency wallets for smartphone are Atomic Wallet, Coinomi Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. They are all available on Android and IOS.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

1.   Binance   -  The biggest  -  Ranked #1 on CMC  -  Buy crypto with credit card  -  Save on trading fees by owning BNB (Binance Coin)

2.   KuCoin   -  Buy crypto with credit card  -  Large amount of pairs to trade  -  Daily bonus for KCS (KuCoin Shares) owners

Tip & Tricks for playing

- Use faucet claims everytime you can (dice & various games)
- claim deposit bonuses everytime you can (casinos)
- take time to read terms and conditions about bonuses (casinos)
- do not bet more than you can afford to lose (both)
- try different betting strategy like the Martingale

The Martingale Strategy

Use the statistical technique of "The Martingale" (initially used on the Roulette) to maximize your chances of profits or more exactly decrease the risks of loss. VIEW EXEMPLE HERE. The basic principle is to bet on a color (or on Low / High) and to double its bet amount on every loss. In the next victory your losing bets are paid off and you are now in profit. It is now necessary to bet on the opposed color and repeat the operation. Start using the minimum bet amount. There are several variations of this technique but we will not talk about here. More explanation pictures and payment proofs will be added soon. No registration required but it is recommended to set an username and a password at your first visit. Good luck!