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Introduction - Bitcoin casinos + Bitcoin Faucets = Unlimited Satoshi Earnings

All of these Casino / Dice / Gambling websites have a faucet where you can claim a little amount of your favorite cryptocurrency every 3 to 10 minutes for free. They do it to allow new players to try their services and the reliability of their websites. Do it every time you can and start betting without risks. They also provide an auto betting system (bot) to save a lot of time. Tested and approved.

Strategy - Claim on the faucet then play using "Martingale" methods

Use the statistical technique of "The Martingale" (initially used on the Roulette) to maximize your chances of profits or more exactly decrease the risks of loss. Exemple picture here. The basic principle is to bet on a color (or on Low / High) and to double its bet amount on every loss. In the next victory your losing bets are paid off and you are now in profit. It is now necessary to bet on the opposed color and repeat the operation. Start using the minimum bet amount. There are several variations of this technique but we will not talk about here. More explanation pictures and payment proofs will be added soon. No registration required but it is recommended to set an username and a password at your first visit. Good luck!

BITSLER - The Hottest Gambling Website 2017 !

Dice game, Horse Racing and Plinko. Claim 200 Satoshi / 5 minutes from faucet without limitation!

The most popular Dice game. Bet on High / Low . Free satoshi amount depending of your activity. Balance must be 0.

Dice game. BTC | DOGE | LTC accepted. Free 0.00001 BTC or 0.001 LTC or 10 DOGE every 10 minutes

Dice game, Slot, BlackJack and Lotto - BTC | DASH | PPC | LTC | GMC | DOGE | GRC. Free coins every 10 minutes

The most competitive Dice Game with 0.5% variable house edge. Invest in the bankroll. Bitcoin and Monero accepted

Dice game. BTC | DOGE | LTC accepted. Free bonus coins every 5 minute

Casinos without faucets

Casino giving free 523 Satoshi if your balance = 0. BTC​ | LTC​ | XDG​ | CLAM​ | DASH​ | PPC​ | NMC​ | RDD
Casino with high quality Dice Game, Baccarat and BlackJack. Play with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin
Casino, Sports Bet and Lotteries with many big bonuses
A simple Casino with many bonuses available
Casino, Poker, Sports Bet and Tournaments. Big deposit bonuses