There are many household appliances you can go without, but a good vacuum cleaner is an unskippable essential. Vacuum cleaners don’t just clean dust from the house’s corners anymore. Nowadays, the highest rated vacuums are equipped with venerable air filtering systems to keep the atmosphere inside of your home free from bacteria and contaminants.

And with the world being in the middle of a pandemic, having a quality vacuum cleaner is now more important than ever before.

Today on TheKingLive, you will get to discover all about the best vacuum cleaners in the world  currently on the market.

Dyson V11 Outsize

Whenever the question “What is the best rated vacuum cleaner” is asked, one of the first names that come to mind would be Dyson.

Dyson’s products are well-known among consumers due to their apparent quality and the many unique, innovative features they possess. The company’s latest series of cordless stick vacuums— the V11s— inherited this reputation and, arguably, has even increased the company’s fame.

As the most premium (and feature-loaded) vacuum in Dyson’s product catalog, the Dyson V11 Outsize has many things to offer to its users.

The first thing is the powerful performance of the powerful motor. Compared to the baseline V11 Torque Drive, the Outsize can provide significantly more suction power.

For example, in the default Medium Mode, while the Torque Drive can only generate 38.6 AirWatts (AW) of suction, the Outsize can give 49.5 AW. In Boost Mode (the most powerful cleaning mode on the V11), while the Torque Drive provides 185AW, the Outsize can produce up to 220AW.

The better performance is thanks to a larger motor and a bigger cyclonic array (18 cyclones in the Outsize instead of just 14 cyclones in the Torque Drive.)

The higher suction allows the Outsize to clean bare floors significantly faster and more efficiently than the Torque Drive.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Dyson also has given the Outsize a 28% wider cleaning head than the Torque Drive. The vacuum can clean up more debris with each pass as a result. Most of the reviews from consumers and professional reviewers alike also indicate that the Outsize performs admirably on low-pile all the way to thick carpets.

But performance isn’t the most notable thing about the V11 Outsize. Instead, all of its magic lies in the design.

This stick Dyson vacuum is quite hefty for a stick vacuum at 7.85 pounds. It’s also heavier than the Torque Drive (6.68 pounds) too due to the larger motor and upscaled components. But most people consider the extra benefits of better performance and usability overall to be worth the nearly one-pound increase in weight.

Since it is a convertible stick vacuum, you can convert the V11 Outsize from a stick vacuum into a handheld one that weighs just about 5.36 pounds.

Most distinguishing feature of the V11 Outsize is the LCD screen at the back of the motor. It can tell you everything from the vacuum’s current battery charge, the active cleaning mode, and more. Not every vacuum on the market has this feature (even other best rated vacuum cleaners!) It’s with this nifty screen that the V11 effectively stands out from the rest of the market as a unique buy.

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Every other aspect of the vacuum has been given a lot of praise.

V11 Outsize has great battery life. The Li-ion battery in the vacuum can sustain operation for up to 2 hours on the default cleaning mode. You can also change the battery for extra cleaning time if you want! (An extra battery is provided in the box for you.)

The 1.7 dry quarts dirt compartment can hold a couple of days worth of debris and dirt.

Inside the vacuum is also a HEPA filtering system. According to Dyson, it is a “lifetime” filter, meaning it’s expected to be able to last throughout the vacuum’s service life. Give it the occasional maintenance work and you should never need to buy a replacement filter.

The Outsize also comes with a wide variety of accessories and tools for you to enhance your cleaning work. Besides the High Torque cleaning head, you also get a combination tool, crevice tool, flexible crevice tool, and a mini-motorized tool.

Miele Complete C3 Marin

Miele, like Dyson, is among the best vacuum cleaner brands in the industry. However, instead of being known for stick vacuums like Dyson, Miele dominates the market space for canister vacuums. Although they are typically known for being costly, Miele vacuums always receive high vacuum ratings among consumers.

To match with the V11 Outsize’s premium price, among the best vacuum you can possibly buy from Miele is the Miele Complete C3 Marin.

The 1,200-watt suction motor inside the Marin allows it to clean up just about anything in its way. All of the reviews universally agree upon the fact that this canister vacuum can clean bare floors just as excellently as carpeting. The list of things that the vacuum can sweep up is quite extensive, too: from dust all the way to pet hair and large debris like cereal, it’s a well-rounded vacuum in terms of performance.

Miele knows how to maximize the potential of the high-performing motor inside the Marin. There’s a control panel with 6 different speed settings on the vacuum’s body, each one corresponds to a specific task. There’s a mode for cleaning low-pile carpet, one for high-pile carpet, upholstery, curtains, and more. This multi-mode design makes the Marin significantly more versatile than many other best vacuum cleaners on the market.

The canister is quite heavy at 23 pounds. However, because you’re not expected to carry it around all the time like a stick vacuum or upright, the weight would rarely be an issue. It could be difficult for some people to carry the canister up and down the stairs, however. Fortunately, Miele has thought ahead and added a carrying handle onto the canister for easier transportation.

Unlike the Dyson V11 Outsize, the Marin is a bagged vacuum. It means that it doesn’t have an internal dirt compartment but all of the dirt and debris it captures is put into a disposable bag, instead.

This bag, Miele’s Type being GN, has a decent storage capacity of around 4.76 dry quarts. It is also considered to be very well-made and of high quality by most testers and users. The bag is constructed from multiple layers for extra durability. It is also integrated with a small filtering system to help Marin’s primary air filter inside of the canister with cleansing the air passing through the system.

Speaking of the vacuum’s primary filter, the one found in the Marin is HEPA. As you may have already known, this is the best kind of air filter around, so rest assured if anyone in the house is sensitive to dust or has allergies. The vacuum can deal with all harmful particles in short order.

Of course, since it is Miele’s top-of-the-line offering, the vacuum comes with a wide assortment of accessories and tools.

There are two floorheads - the Parquet Twister SBB 300-3 that’s designed for cleaning bare floors and the Electro Premium Floorhead SEB 236 for carpeting and other surfaces. You also get a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and a dusting brush.


The vacuums above are among the top 10 vacuum cleaners currently being sold. They are both premium products with a pretty high price range, yes, but the value they provide are usually regarded to be well worth the money spent!