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buxme*ia,trusted site,experienced admin team.
Some of the payments:
 $47.50,$47.50,$47.50,$47.50,$47.50,$47.50,$47.50, $17.24...

opti**lbux,New Project from elite gpt**anet & scarle**clicks admin.
Some of the payments:

zig*a,sister of youge*profit,experienced team.
Some of the payments:

gpt*net,Elite site since 2010.
Some of the payments:
$10.55,$10.46,$11.18,$10.77 ,$11.57,$9.93,$12.45,$12.28,
$9.82,$9.79,$10.41,$9.71,$11.63,$11.36,$13.40,$10.64,$13.69, $14.07,,...

omn*ads,130% return,PTC+Revshare,free membership.
Some of the payments:$1.90,$3.95,$2.21...

scarle*cks,Elite site since 2009,sister site of gp***planet.
Some of the payments:
$9.90,$9.61, $9.70,$10.07,$15.32,$10.98,$9.35,$3.78,...

youge*profit,PTC+Revshare.2 levels.
Same owner as elite twickerz.
Some of the payemnts:

paid*rts,sister site of mytra**icvalue(crowd funding company paying since the year of 2010.)
More details please visit this page.

mytraff*lue,the best crowdfunding site,paying since 2010.

adv*ev,sister site of long-term revsu*time,trusted admin.
Some of the payments:

ptc*hare,from paid*rts team.

fau*etpay,new popular wallet.

airtm,New popular e-wallet and exchanger.

eas***up,pay the product,earn huge.

eas*up,affiliate marketing,owner Peter Wolfing.

revs*ptime,PTC+Revshare,from trusted admin.
Some of the payments:

sil*ix,since 2012.Some of the payments:

golden*clix,since 2013.Some of the payments:
$1.33,$1.33,$1.33,$1.33,$0.67,$0.67,$0.67,$0.67,$6.73, $6.73,$7.01,$11.38,

eldi*bux,since 2015,from CroMedia,sister site of cro*lix & eko*lix.
Some of the payments:

cliqu*ia,sign up bonus,experienced payments.
Some of the payments:

uni*clique,from clique family(clique*steria&clique*book...).
Some of the payments:
$12.91,$12.93,$12.03,$13.53,$15.00,$12.66,$15.93,$15.71, $11.94,

cliq*book,experienced admin.
Some of the payments:

golde*faucet,sister site of golde*clix,and silv*clix   .
Some of the payments:
0.00013742 BTC,$0.32,$0.53,$0.22,$1.12,

retr*bux,Fourth PTC site from CroMedia group.

gp*hub,4th Site of Clique Media Group.

eld*claim,6th site of CroMedia Group.
Some of the payments:$0.40...

eld*co,from CroMedia Group,sister site of cr*clix,ek*clix,& eld*bux.

barte*funds,from pa*verts, myt*fficvalue team.

SF*I,since 1998.Grow a second Income.
Some of the payments: $23.55...

lea**leap,since 2008,PTC+useful tool.

wealthy*ate,Online Business Starts Here.

cro*lix,sister site of ekoclix

eko*lix,sister site of croclix

easyhits4u,since 2003,the busiest traffic exchange site.

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1.BES page is our main monitor page.
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4.All the comments are based on their current on-line status.
If the status changed(such as turning into scam,offline,fake payment,resetting referrals or balance etc),
we will change the comments,or delete the sites.

5.Please use unique,strong passwords for your PTC and other earning accounts.

6.It's your own responsibility to decide whether invest or not.
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7.For your online earning safety,please visit this page often,
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which ones moved to the watch list.

8.bestearningsites page posts both just launched sites and long-term sites,
some new sites may not safe for investing.
So we edited new pages to solve this problem.
Need the most secured,sustainable,safe sites,please visit
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these two pages only post reliable ones.

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PTC Tutorial:How to work in some very trusted sites.

Top Hyip:Invest,wait some days,cash out.
No need to click,no need to do the surveys.The easiest way to earn on line.
Maximize your online income.

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RefBack:refback via PTSU.

newsites:Almost all the PTC related sites listed in this page.

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