Tutorial about how to earn cryptocurrency online

1. Must have wallet to keep your cryptocurrency online. Try register coinpayment because it support all cryptocurrency like BTC, BCH,DOGE,DASH,LTC and many more. After you create this account, please login and in tab wallet, please create address for currency that you wish. Use that address when you claim cryptocurrency at any site.

2. Some website provide cashout to middle faucet (called as micro wallet) first to store your temporary crypto you already earn like FaucetPay(FP Faucet). You need to register account there. Put your cryptocurrency in address section in that faucet

3. After you have those account, you can start earn cryptocurrency online for free... If you want transfer your cryptocurrency for fiat currency like USD, you must have payment gateway like paypal, Perfect Money etc. Try register there first.

4. Finally, go to exchange website and register in here. Then you can exchange your cryptocurrency with your perfect money, paypal, other cryptocurrency and many more. Good luck to you and happy making online earning

Claim to FaucetPay (must need register FaucetPay first)
This website with minimal pop up screen. Most website has many pop up that annoying us when claim

1. 1 satoshi every 10 minute
2. 0.002 DOGE every 5 minute

Auto Mining
1. firefaucet
- Earn BTC, LTC and doge and also they provide auto mining without using our CPU. But you need
to let your browser on.

Other site

1. cryptomininggame
- Plat game inside there. Earn BTC, LTC and doge and also they provide auto mining without using our CPU.

Pay To Click (PTC) Site
1. CashTravel