Auto Clicker for Chrome

Chrome is probably the most popular web browser worldwide for everything from online shopping to online games to data entry. Due to its additional features, it is used by millions of people around the world. among the new features that Google Chrome introduced to us was Chrome Autoclicks.

Whether we are doing online shopping over the Amazon or Flip cart websites or playing online games over the PC, we have to click on the screen repeatedly to accomplish anything. Whether we are using Excel or Tally to enter data, we must click repeatedly.

As a result, Google has developed a very cool solution to these issues other than clicking your mouse constantly. Now, these cumbersome processes can be easily handled in just a few minutes by smart applications.

Windows/Mac/Linux Auto Clickers use Chrome extensions and software to click on links automatically. If you want to enable auto click outside of Chrome, such as when using a PC or gaming, you can Download Free Auto Clicker Software by visiting here

What is the best way to configure auto clickers?

An Auto Clicker Program automates your computer's screen clicks. When configured properly, the application will operate even when you are away from your PC.

In the application, the following parameters must be configured:

Number of Clicks: By specifying this parameter, your browser will determine how many clicks you desire.

Time Interval: This parameter allows the user to specify the amount of time between two consecutive clicks.

Pointer Location: This parameter specifies a location on your screen where the pointer will appear. You can specify where you want the automatic click to occur.

Type of Click: This parameter allows you to specify the type of click that you wish to automate, including left-clicks, right-clicks, or middle-clicks.

URL List: Some applications give you the option to load different URLs in the list. You can enter the location of the click (you can find this if you click on Inspect Element on the button) and in some cases, the path of the click button is required as well.

These were the different parameters that you could configure in your Best Free Auto Clicker application and extension to start the clicking process automatically. Now that you know what best auto mouse clickers are available in Chrome, let's take a look at them.  

Various auto-clicker programs are available

OP Auto Clicker

Auto clickers that are simple to use and configure are available for Windows OS. There are several features in this auto clicker. In this case, you can specify the location either by coordinates or by using the current/dynamic location of the pointer.

Enter the number of clicks and the time delay between each click. The software will handle the rest. You can use this method for reloading the web pages in your Chrome browser automatically. Also, if you want to click a single button on your browser screen, this will suffice.

Murgee Auto Clicker

A popular Auto Clicker Softwarefor Windows users, which lets them perform multiple clicks at once. A unique feature of this clicker is that a sequence of clicks can be recorded. The software will save the sequence of clicks and automate them in the Chrome browser.

 A different time delay can be set between each click of the sequence, as well as the time duration between two clicks. Therefore, it is a perfect clicker for clicking on multiple web pages or multiple points on the same web page.

Auto Clicker–AutoFill

There is an extension for Chrome you can easily install from Chrome's web store. The local settings page will appear in the new tab once it has been done. If you want to auto-click a certain page, you can enter its URL. When you choose XPath, you must enter the location to click.

You can do this by right-clicking on a button on the webpage where you want an auto-click to occur. To copy the XPath, right-click on the highlighted part of the window that pops up after clicking on Inspect. Paste it into the XPath field. Furthermore, you can specify the delay between two consecutive clicks as well as how many times you want to click. So, it is a great extension for browsing multiple pages simultaneously. If you need to do something else on your computer, you can do it while waiting.

Fast Mouse Clicker Pro

The software allows you to set up to 9 thousand clicks per second, which is fast enough to achieve super-fast clicks. Many cool things can be done with the software. Along with choosing the click type, you can also select the number of clicks and set the URL of the website.

Free Mouse Clicker

Auto Clicker is an easy-to-use program that comes with basic settings to simplify the process. It is possible to set the time interval, the type of click, and even customize the clicks with a single or double click. If you want to refresh your website quickly or click on an online deal, this Free Mouse clicker is a good choice for you.

So, these are the Best Auto Mouse Clickers that you can use with Chrome according to what you want to do. Let the clicker applications do the work while you sit back and relax!

Download Auto clicker for Chrome

To download the Auto clicker for Chrome, follow these steps:

Go to the Settings page and click it.
Click the menu button.
Next, click Manage accessibility settings under the Accessibility section.
Navigate to the section for mice and touch-pads.
Select automatic clicking from the drop-down list.
After it stops moving it will finish clicking and a ring will appear around your cursor.

Autoclicker for Chrome – Download, Setup and Install

A feature of Chrome OS that helps generate mouse clicks automatically is Automatic Clicks. You can download, set up and install Autoclicker for Chrome on your Chromebook by following these steps:

1. The system menu can be accessed by selecting time in the bottom right corner of your device. If you prefer, you can simply click Alt + Shift + s on your keyboard.

2. Press the settings button.

3. In the settings window, select menu.

4. If it does not open, click on advanced to see more options.

5. Then click on accessibility and choose "Manage accessibility settings".

6. Select the mouse and touchpad section from the accessibility window.

7. Click on the toggle to enable automatic clicking when the mouse pointer stops.

8. After you stop moving the cursor, you will see a ring appear around it. Whenever the cursor is still for a period of time, a clicking action is executed.


Automatic Clicker is an extension for Chrome that can be used to complete a variety of helpful tasks. It also makes the job much easier. In this article, I will give you a quick overview of the Best Auto Clicker for Chrome, how they work, and how they are installed.

Even though using the software raises ethical issues in a few cases, it is still a useful tool for many individuals. Professional industries, where clicks are everything, can benefit from this software.