My recommended earning sites update
I only listed the sites which are (i) low-payout sites; (ii) high-earning sites; (iii)have been paying long time ago.There are many kinds of online earning sites including paid-to-click,paid-to-read-mail,watching videos,liking facebook pages,doing offers such as surveys,etc.Note that I won't recommend ptc sites with all ads valued of $0.001 below.

Those sites pays me I will mark them as "paid".Scam sites (i.e. pending payment for 30 days above and also admin doesn't reply to my support ticket,fraud payment proof shown,etc.) and those having very little earning will be put at the bottom first and removed from the list after a period of time so you won't waste your valuable time in those sites!

Add this page into your bookmark and keep checking my latest earning sites!
I will keep updating the page to recommend some trustworthy earning sites to all of you!
Without your continued support,I cannot test whether a site is continuing paying or not rapidly!
the position order of banners is based on my recommendation rating(credibility,readiness for payout limit and profitability)
Please be active in the sites everyday as possible and you will get paid eventually!So what are you waiting for?Please join under my referral links to start earning now by clicking the banners below!

Feel free to contact me for more info(skype/twitter:alexyip214) or message me at any ptc sites I have registered.If you wanna join some new sites I have listed below,I can be your referrer to notify you whether the sites may turn into scam afterwards

Remind:You can first join the sites in higher position of banners to gain the fastest earning!!!

$0.01 min payout!

the more bonus ad points(1 BAP=$0.0005)you accumulate,the higher paid ads you can view!for active clickers and advertisers!(paid)

$0.05 min payout!(paid)

many high value ads(up to $0.015 per click)available every day,check the site every hour(paid)

ayuwage sister site,$5 min payout(paid)

$0.05 min payout for free member,upgrade to earn 4x$0.01 ads,paying since 2012(paid)

$0.1 min payout, 2x$0.001 paid-to-read ads(paid)

donkeymails sister site,part of multimoneygroup,$1 payout(paid)

$0.05 min payout

$0.05 min payout(paid)

sister site of saskiaptc,$0.1 min payout(paid)

$0.05 payout(paid)

$0.05 payout(paid)

$0.05 payout(paid)

$0.1 payout for paypal and perfect money Note that payments will be processed within 30 days (paid)

automatically earn bitcoin after you enter your bitcoin address!

$0.6 payout

you will be notified via email when new ads are available

earn shares & cash by viewing ads and sign-up, Minimum of 2.5 cent cash daily to earn with guaranteed ads available(paid)

paying since 2005,many ways of earning such as paid to read(0.25 cent per mail),click,promote,sign up,surf,etc.,$1 min payout for paypal and perfect money,$0.01 for okpay and payeer(paid)

same group with donkeymails, $1 min payout for paypal,$0.01 for okpay and egopay(paid)

donkeymails sister site,part of multimoneygroup

donkeymails sister site,part of multimoneygroup,$1 min payout for paypal,payza,solidtrustpay and perfect money(paid)

1 guaranteed $0.01 ad and some $0.001 ads available,8-level referral commission (paid)

$0.3 for paypal payout

online since 2009,$1 min payout(paid)

sister site of,online since 2010,$1 min payout(paid)

4 guaranteed ads,paying since 2012(paid)

$2 min payout

4 guaranteed ads

$1 paypal payout

$0.005 ads will be randomly available at any time,installing toolbar is suggested!$5 payout!(paid)

$0.1 payout

$1 payout

$1 payout

sister site of adzcash
$2 payout for paypal,$3 for payza

$1.15 payout

earn money by liking facebook page,following twitter,watching videos,etc.

Earn money by social traffic exchange!

do surveys and tasks to earn money $1 minimum payout

get paid to do offers.$1 min payout

get Paid to enter or verify Data.Payments made every Monday.earn a $1.00 bonus when they earn their first $1.00.

paying since 2005,get paid by viewing ads and reading mails

old gpt site(paid)

German autosurf site,2 EURO Payout!(paid)

get paid to listen music,earn GBP instead of USD!(paid)

Get paid to surf websites.Get 100 visitors to your websites just for signing up.(paid)