What is Secant wall?

Secant wall is a maintaining wall built for floor retention previous to excavation. The wall is shaped via way of means of building alternating number one (female) and secondary (male) piles in which the secondary piles in part reduce into both aspects of the number one piles with the intention to shape a non-stop impervious structure.

Secant Pile Walls are commonly established as maintaining systems and aid structures for deep foundations, maintaining factors and on the identical time load-bearing partitions and deep foundations for engineering constructions (e.g. partitions and foundations of underground stories, stand-on my own and framed bridgeheads, etc

A saw-tooth roof consists of a series of ridges that have two pitches to either side. The more steep surfaces are glazed and are positioned towards the east in order to protect machinery and workers against the direct sun. This type of roof allows sunlight into a large design building or factory.

Modified Bitumen Roofing system is the most common low-slope roofing method. It's not like rolling roofing made from asphalt such as TPO or EPDM. Modified Bitumen does not comprise hot asphalt, but rubber and plastic additives. Between layers of fiberglass or polyester, they're layered.

porch foundation is the foundation made out of Concrete to give stability to the porch and to prevent loss of stability or collapse in the porch.

Composition roofing is a blend of various materials. These include fiberglass slate, asphalt, slate, wood, plastic, polyester, as well as laminate. Composite roofing is resistant to fire and doesn't be affected by moisture problems.

Augmented Reality in Civil Engineering, along with physical and digital scenarios, assists construction teams to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and overall trust they require to complete their projects. Augmented Reality is created to improve the method by which human beings and digital machines collaborate in tandem, not replacing the workers in the field in a global marketplace.

It is the drain tile is perforated and enclosed by the fragments of stones. The main function that these tiles for drains in residential areas are to capture and eliminate water before it is able to get in the foundation of the residential structure and causes damage to it's the foundation.

Clerestory Roof is put up primarily to let in natural light and air they let in without jeopardizing the privacy of residents inside. Clerestory Roof can be as well installed due to its unique design features. If designed and embellished, the walls between roofs could provide the entire building or structure with an attractive and unique appearance.

Laminate flooring is essentially flooring made of synthetic material that is constructed in that it appears similar to wood floors and stones flooring. The Laminate floorings are a great alternative to wood flooring.