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To make a Free page like this one, click on the little box at the top left of this page on the line that states ; "Create One". This company does not allow you to use Wordpress or any other site builder. Nor your own site URL. You must use their Page Editor and sub - domain. Example; site name). On the upside, there are no ads on your page, unless you put them there and your page is ready to be seen immediately, no wait time for data to migrate. Click on this link for complete instructions on starting and using this format and system. eMoneySpace  Instructions

000Webhost is a totally Free forever website hosting and site creation company. Unlike other such companies, this one will give you a free sub - domain. You may at your discretion, use your own domain name on the Free hosting service if you wish to. They provide hosting absolutely Free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is an amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is not any kind of advertising on your pages.


Wordpress is an alternative site builder to c-panel or whatever else is on 000Webhost. It cannot be used at eMoneySpace.

Imgur is where you'll store your images. The ones that aren't stored at Instant Banner Creator, like QR codes. It's sort of like Pintrest only more useful from a developers standpoint.



The site, (dot)tk is a FREE Domain Registrar for the domain; .tk. In other words, you get a FREE domain name that works just like any other paid for domain. This is not a top-level domain, like (dot)com is, but it still gets the job done.

It's totally FREE ! You will have to have a website to point it to, almost immediately, so get a FREE website at 000Webhost (at the beginning of the page and set that up before you register here, just use a FREE sub-domain at 000Webhost while you wait for your (dot)tk domain to migrate to your new site.

Get a FREE Domain Name Here at (dot)tk !

NEW Social Media site that pays YOU to use it!
If you desire an international audience, then this sort of like a EUROPEAN CENTRIST poor mans Facebook. BONUS ! Use this voucher when signing up and receive $2.00 FREE credit on your Xenzuu account;

Mellow ads is a site that has a faucet system to enable you to get free money in the form of Bitcoins to use on their banner advertising system exclusively. Also, if you wish to further monetize your website, then this is a great way to do it. However, their system will not work on an eMoneySpace page.

Free Rotator

Hosted unlimited Free web page url rotators. Unlimited urls per rotator and unlimited number of rotators. All Free, with all sorts of bells and whistles in the upgrade packages.

Stick all of your affiliated and referral links, business websites, Yelp and Facebook pages in this and just promote the one link to save some money on promotion.

There's a varying commission rate on upgrades based on your membership level (Free, Silver and Gold). So check out that page on the site when you visit it. This is a must-have tool for webmasters or anyone with more than one link to promote. Use the link below to check it out.

Free Rotator

Your Free World Script Store

If you're like many online who are battling to make a decent income in one way or another, but it's just not working for you, then this may be the most important article you read this year. By now you're probably well aware that most income-producing activities online require training, experience, and a dedicated work ethic.

But it doesn't have to be as highly time-consuming and difficult as you might think.

That's where Your Free World scripts come into play. They've developed many popular scripts that save small business owners time, effort and money, while generating a reliable income that helps to build businesses for the long-term. For nearly 10 years now, they've been developing cutting-edge technology in easy-to-install and manage scripts that go a long way towards increasing the profitability of any web site.

You'd be surprised to discover that many of the highly popular sites you come across are powered by the same programmer! Rohit Seth.

With user friendly environments and no steep learning curve to undergo, everything has been thought of in advance to make these scripts easy to use. So if you want to ADD VALUE To your websites, then try this Script Store!

These are great value scripts for webmasters to make money with and to automate tiresome chores. A good range of php, asp & cgi scripts for all kinds of of applications at very affordable prices. Free installation is included.

While you're at Your Free World, make sure you opt-in to be notified about new script releases and special discount offers. In return, you'll receive 10,000 banner impressions ($25.00 Value), 10,000 text ad impressions ($25.00 value), a classified ad script (value $33) and lifetime membership to ($19.00 value) all as a FREE bonus ! This is an exceptional value that you shouldn't pass up ! So visit Your Free World Script Store through the link below, and at least get all of those promotional goodies before they're gone. Be quick, go there now.

Your Free World Scripts

Xara Software

Xara Software company is a terrific source of great graphic making software. They believe in their products so much, that most have a FREE trial, and at least one, the 3D Heading maker has unlimited FREE usage on a limited version of that tool ! Most of the 3D graphics in banners and most of the rest of the 3D graphics on this page were made with that tool.

You have to visit the site to get the full scope on what is possible for you, using their tools.

Here is the link to their wonderful FREE to use 3D Heading maker; Xara 3D Heading Making Tool You'd download the images you make here to your desktop, laptop, notepad or other such device then upload those to Imgur.

Xara Software


Now if you have a website, perhaps it's time to build a subscriber list. There are many reasons to enumerate as to why you should have one, too many for me to get into here. Just type "why do i need a list?" into your favorite search engine and click search. There will be millions of links with all sorts of answers and offers galore.

So you will eventually need to build a list, that's a given fact. Why not get an autoresponder (the web site that hosts your list and specialized marketing software) for FREE? This is where ViralinBox comes in. It has a totally FREE option and they don't email your list with their offers, they just email you.

This autoresponder is the very best available for the price, or any price at all. The price for the ViralinBox autoresponder is a stunning NOTHING ! That's right, absolutely 100% fee-free, you don't pay a thing, not now or ever. Totally FREE unless you want more bells and whistles ! This plus other easy to use features makes it easily worth as much or more then a premium account at AWeber or GetResponse.



Although ListWire autoresponder ( not listed here ) is totally FREE with no cost or up-sell ever, they sorely lack in customer service responsiveness. I do not recommend List Wire because when something goes wrong with this very old software, there is no one to help you. SimplyCast more than makes up for that, as they are always right there willing to talk to you. You won't get lonely or feel lost if you use SimplyCast. They also have a totally FREE forever plan as well.

SimplyCast all in one Marketing Automation Solution. Fax, SMS, voice and email automation has to be examined to determine if this is the solution for you.


Pingler SEO Assistance Center

Pingler has a terrific set of tools to assist you in raising your search engine rankings. Predominate is their FREE pinging tool, it is displayed left of center on the page that this link takes you to. No registration is necessary for you to use this free web based tool.

So if you have your own web property, then this tool and service are absolute must have weapons in your SEO arsenal. Watch the video below, then check it out through the link underneath the video.


Bitly link shortener and Social Media site is an excellent FREE link shortener service. They don't sport many ads and have many FREE eBooks available to help you increase your marketing performance. So if you want better results from your link shortener use this one.



Get one of, two or all three types of FREEQRCODES. Get the one for the most common QR code usage, the one for your URL. This is used to simply launch a smartphones web browser and take the user to a specific webpage. You might use this type of QR code to create a Bitcoin access to your CoinBase or Xapo wallet, for instance, so that you can pay for dinner at that fancy new restaurant that now accepts Bitcoins. Use this to create Quick Response code links for your personal or business websites, Facebook page or anywhere else online.

Get the FREEQRCODES for a Virtual Business Card ! Use this QR code to load all of your contact information into a users smartphone when they scan the code. Your Virtual Business Card does NOT have to be just for business either, it can be for personal use too ! Showing your friends, family, etc. a QR code which you can store right on your phone is much easier than having them type out all your contact information every time you want to exchange numbers and addresses!

Get the FREEQRCODES for your phone number. This is a special QR code that, when scanned, will automatically launch a smartphone's "Phone" feature and pre-load your phone number so that all the user needs to do is tap "Call" on their phone to immediately dial your number !

Get them all for FREE ! Get as many as you want to for whatever you want ! Also get assistance in promoting your FREEQRCODES !

Get all this PLUS get an entry into a monthly drawing for an iPad mini for each FREEQRCODE that you create !

FREE Search Engine Submission with EntireWeb

A FREE search engine submitter, which you need to get your web property seen by first, the search engines and then by people.

This submitter offers a FREE service that's outstanding, as far as it goes. Then EntireWeb offers a paid option that's amazing. For details click the link below.

They even have an affiliate program that will astound you !


FREE Social Submission Engine

What you get for Free here, you would easily pay dozens of dollars a month for elsewhere, and be glad for it too. The high value of this site and all of it's Free resources is awesome. You have got to check this out and be amazed yourself. Of course if your needs exceed the usefulness of the Free tools, then there is a very reasonable monthly fee for absolutely incredible additional resources.

If you have any web properties or affiliate links to promote, then you must check this site out now ! Use the link below to see for yourself.

Free Social Submission Engine

Target Ads Depot

Target ads Depot (TAD) actually has three membership levels of which one of them is FREE ! This is a marketers dream resource, created by a team of successful internet marketing specialists. Target Ads Depot offers FREE members a FREE permanent text ad that is rotated through this vast site. They also advertise for you through a category targeting system. There is an extensive library of FREE guides and e-books for your usage to help you learn the ropes. As a FREE member, you also get a 20% commission for purchases made by anyone who joins through your link, and much, much more !

Target Ads Depot

I used to use Hootsuite a few years ago when they had a FREE plan. Now they only have a FREE trial and I am of the opinion that if you can get a product or service for FREE and it is of comparable value, then why buy the cow if you can milk it through the fence? Buffer has all that you'll need to manage direct Social Media publishing for a small business and for FREE. If you ever become a franchiser and have dozens or hundreds of stores in your organization, then pay Buffer the $15.00 per month upgrade and then THAT's all you'll need then. If you have any interest in using Social Media to publicize your products or services, then you MUST get at least this tool.



SocialAdr is a resource that completely automates the often hated task of Social Bookmarking. They have thousands of users that are all waiting to bookmark YOUR pages on their own social bookmarking accounts !  All you have to do is put in the pages that you want bookmarked and the rest is taken care of automatically. Plus, you can let your pages run through again and again, with more and more different users linking to them. There's no work for you at all, how great is that? There is no way any system could make this easier for you.

When I look for services for my business, I want it "done for me".  I don't want to have to mess around or learn some complicated thing.  I want it to just work, and that's what SocialAdr does.  It just works. Best of all, there is a FREE solution that isn't a trial or anything like that, but there is a time and labor intensive setup if you can't put any money into it. It shouldn't take you more than an hour to setup manually. In the FREE version, you will also have to "socially add" 5 links a day of others sites to your social bookmarking sites. Of course, you decide which sites to use or not. SocialAdr provides a system in which the daily obligation only takes one minute or less including log in and log out ! SocialAdr will provide another system for you to join select social bookmarking sites, and add any that you already belong to through their portal. Then they can automatically facilitate your ad or blurb or tweet size statement onto the social bookmarking sites of others in their membership base, for FREE !



AddMeFast is a lot like SocialAdr in that they both increase your exposure to social media properties. Where SocialAdr concentrates on Social Bookmarking sites, AddMeFast focuses on actual web 2.0 sites, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram,, Vkontakte, MySpace, Pinterest, Reverbnation, SoundCloud, StumbleUpon, Vine and YouTube. Not just one aspect of each site either, but many. More are added every month or so. There's also a type of traffic exchange built into this wonderful system.

By joining both of these services, for FREE, and being active on both sites, you will get deep penetration into the social media scene, by spending only twenty minutes a day or so at the two sites combined. There are, of course, paid upgrades on both of these programs so that if you can afford it, your social media impact will not take much, if any, time from you, instead just some cash.

Add Me Fast

Instant Banner Creator

With Instant Banner Creator It's so easy to create FREE professional looking, eye catching graphics. You point, you click, and you're done! This is not a downloadable product, it's a web based system. These banners can be made to be quite beautiful.

You should visit this page and watch the videos and screenshots. I don't think you'll believe how easy this is, before you see it for yourself. When you join Instant Banner Creator FOR FREE you get; The point and click three step wizard, where you can easily create high performing banners, buttons, headers, footers and peel ads. Their high converting templates, clip art, fonts and all the stuff you need to create sweet graphical music, and you just drag and drop them onto the templates, click save and you are done !

They will even host the images you create for you, for FREE ! In other words you don't even need to have your own website to take full advantage of Instant Banner Creator !

Instant Banner Creator


You too can put your message in front of MILLIONS today and get FREE publicity and promotion ! If you've got a message or a story to share with the world, then Free-eBooks is he place to do it! This site has over 10 million monthly visitors, it's home to one of the largest online libraries and its 10-yr. old publisher distributes your message around the world !

If you put your message or story in an ebook, then you can be sharing it with everyone in no time! An ebook is an electronic version of a book, that can be quite short and compact, like Short Stories or Poetry, or as long as you want, like a full-fledged novel. Digital books, or ebooks, are now mainstream and very popular. Online, Amazon sells 6 ebooks for every 10 print books!

Put your message or story in front of MILLIONS of hungry readers today. I recommend you take a second now to find out more. Once you submit your book to Free-eBooks, they also help you promote and publicize your book's release with a number of different services too!

Oh, and you can get ebooks for FREE here too ! This is a special link for a 15 day trial VIP Membership which allows you unrestricted access to all their ebooks: Free-eBooks 15 Day VIP Trial

Check out all the details here :


The following four entries are for traffic exchanges. These systems can deliver a massive amount of visitors to your sites very fast. The quality of these visitors is usually pretty low, as they may not care about your offer. You probably can filter those visitors down to State level, for local exposure.


Traffic is the life-blood of every online business. Without traffic your business never gets exposure which means NO MONEY in your pocket. Admagy has created a system where you can spend about 10 - 15 minutes surfing and in return get your offers running for the whole day ! The timer is manually started, thus holding the attention of the viewer (the person who is reading your offers and the text ad related to it) for longer on your site. This is a special way to attract more people to your offers by highlighting important things about your website or affiliate links !

They also pay commissions to their members so besides getting traffic you can make money too !

Admagy is FREE to join and it generates good quality traffic almost immediately ! When I use this revolutionary system, I click on 34 ads, and get at least 68 clicks in return, and sometimes as many as 88 clicks.. It's a huge time saver and very effective !


Traffic Surf

After using Traffic Surf for a few days I noticed that there aren't too many views on my sites from them. However, of the views that I did get the click through rate is high and so are conversions. This is a new site that will only grow as it's reputation does.

They give you 1000 points to sign up plus 100 points for every affiliate or referral page that you submit, with no limits on how many pages you can submit. Just don't use all of your points at once, that is create a "pool" of points for yourself that all of your most important pages can draw liberally from, and your junk pages should only have 2-3 points per day assigned to them, to keep them active, thus enlarging your pool.

Sign up now, before all of your friends do. Then you sign them up, too.

Traffic Surf


At HITLEAP you can earn or purchase visitors to your site, blog or affiliate link. They configure everything in minutes and seconds rather then hits or visits. You configure how long you want a visitor on your page, anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. At 10 seconds you get 6 visits per minute and at 60 seconds you get 1 visitor per minute, and every permutation of time/visitor in between.

There are 3 membership levels, one of which is free. All membership levels may earn commissions from their downline's activities. These would include but are not limited to minutes from surfing and cash from purchases. Payments to and from the site are handled by PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin.

This site delivers quality traffic so sign up now and maximize your efforts.


Tezak Traffic Power

Tezak Traffic Power is a top ranked traffic exchange by all the major TE Rankers! They award daily cash prizes and every Monday they mass pay up to 50% Commissions to all membership levels including the free level! They boast of 11 different ways to advertise and have 24/7 real support ! Everyone, free or upgraded, earns commissions on purchases and credits for every page you and your referrals surf ! You can get hundreds of hits in just minutes, all for FREE!

Signup Now To Get Your Free Traffic !

Tezak Trafic Power


IBOToolbox is a terrific FREE web based resource for the seriously minded internet business professional. It's also for the new beginner at internet marketing and promotion. This is a fine tool for anybody searching for free traffic to their web property.

One of the best parts about this site is that they give you so much, and ask for almost nothing in return, except that you follow their rules when posting your comments and Press Releases. You have to check out all the services offered there, not to do so is a dis-service to yourself.

Did I mention that all the apps and some of the ad space is totally FREE? There are additional not so FREE ads, when you easily earn advertising credits to help get your ads in front of the very large membership of over 100,000 prospects.

IBO Toolbox

PrePost SEO is an amazing site with a vast array of FREE webmaster tools. There are dozens of coding and writing tools plus site enhancement tools plus website management tools. Click through and be amazed yourself.

Pre Post SEO


This forum is one of the greatest FREE resources that is available to marketers online today ! The membership consists of not only thousands of opportunity seekers, but also buyers, site owners and  developers, whose focus is to make money online. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand what a truly great forum this is, and how you can use this to generate visitors, leads and money for FREE !

There is also of course the social aspect of being involved in a forum such as this, if only to build up your other social media interests, for FREE !

TO MAKE A FREE PAGE LIKE THIS ONE, click on the logo at the forum page or on the link in the top left corner of this page, indicating "Create One".



The FreeAd Forum

Get FREE classified ads for your web properties, just put a link somewhere on your sites, as a link exchange. That is what this is.

Click here to post your free, permanent ads on!

Using, you would get paid to shrink those nasty long url's. Not paid just to shrink them, but paid to get others to click on them. These url shrinkers also do a dandy job of hiding affiliate and referral identification codes, and providing some tracking information as to where and when those who clicked those links came from.

I have used to monetize links for sites that do not pay me in some way, shape or form to send people to their landing pages. There are no links on this page that have been so monetized. I feel that the information or resource behind those links is important to my audience. Thus I do provide access, through a gateway. It's unfortunate that this is necessary, but if I am to make money online, then this is imperative.

What of your efforts to make money online? Are you using every scrap of knowledge to get that extra cent or satoshi? I hope that you are, making money of course. is the best paying of the paying link shortening services. There are many other paying services of this type, but in my research, pays the most.

I also use as a link shortener, when the link to be shortened is for a site that compensates me in some way or the other. is still the best to earn with.


Terrific icon search engine resource to FIND ICONS ! Over 460,000 FREE icons that you can use.

Find Icons


This site provides a link exchange service.

Automatic Backlinks


GetJar FREE Mobile App Storage for Developers ( that's you). Support most phones including Android, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and others. You should get this before you make any phone apps. Especially if you're not trying to reach a global audience.


AppGeyser FREE MOBILE APP BUILDER for Android Apps only.


MOBINCUBE FREE MOBILE APP BUILDER for all types of mobile apps.

COMMING SOON Directions on making and promoting YouTube videos and further instructions on phone apps!

Extremely Important and Valuable !

A FREE to join Affiliate Program. with three ways to earn! Get an astounding TEN U.S. CENTS ($0.10) per real visitor click. That's $100.00 CPM ! CPM means Cost Per Mile, meaning they pay you $100.00 per thousand unique visitors that you send to their site. Get 5% commission per sale for LIFE! Get 1% commission of your down line's sales, FOR LIFE !  FIVE LEVELS DOWN !

Who is it that offers such a tremendous opportunity? The company is Ajiboye, a nearly all encompassing website development business, located in Greenwich, CT., USA.

For complete details regarding this amazing affiliate program, click the link below and navigate to the affiliate program section. You may remember this as a hallmark moment in your life! Click the link, and begin a new journey to prosperity !

AJIBOYE Affiliate Program

If on the other hand, if it is web Branding, Design, Construction, Search Engine Optimization, Hosting and other website development solutions that you are interested in, then the link to Ajiboye below will direct you to that web-page for information and pricing. You can build a website for your business in one hour! Only $ 19.95 ! Domain name registration; New domains, renewals, transfers: only $ 9.95 CMS powered website publishing, website design, website hosting, website marketing, website technical support, website applications and database solutions ! When you use this link, you receive a 5% discount on your web solution purchase !

Ajiboye Web Services

ClingWin is a totally FREE lotto. Every day you get 8 tickets and other chances to win up to 10,000 Euros. Yes, you can win in the US too. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose and thousands to win!


50 FREE Daily Chances to Win $50.00

There's no need to register, in fact there's no way to register, it's completely FREE to try to win $50.00, paid via Amazon eGift card. MONEYCROC shares it's site revenues derived from the sale of games with visitors, but there's no obligation to buy anything now or in the future.

There's no referral program since there's no registration, just come back everyday and keep trying to win, you get 50 attempts per day. Good luck!



For FREE or as inexpensively as possible!