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FREE BITCOIN Faucets - Daily, Hourly and Sooner !

These site links are to sites that will issue a very small amount of Bitcoins to you if you either join the site or just enter your Bitcoin wallet address and solve a captcha test (CAPTCHA test—Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).

This first brace of sites usually require registration with a valid email address, not to spam you, but for security purposes. Also, they pay you directly to your own wallet. is the most reliable, faithful and inventive faucet online ! is the best way to GET BITCOINS online today ! The site has some of the most responsive and dedicated professionals employed there. This is the best FREE Bitcoin generating site on the internet, by far ! You will usually get 5 to 15 shatoshis for every draw, hourly as a "booby prize". A satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin, named after the mysterious person or persons who created the first Bitcoin block chain. I've won the second tier prize at least once  a week, that's a little over 2000 satoshi each time, and the third tier prize once, that's a little over 20000 satoshi. The big prize is worth about $200.00 USD, and even if you win it, you can come back each hour and try to win it again ! If you interact with the site, buying lottery tickets or betting on the multiplier for instance, then this minimum prize increases ! After you register, look for the blue bar at about the end of the landing page that states; "ROLL", and click on it to begin.

Your satoshis are accumulated on the site and you have multiple options as to when and where to get payment. The manual withdraw has a minimum of 0.00030000BTC, or 30,000 satoshis. The manual withdraw allows you send your balance at any time of your choosing, but it takes up to 48 hours to get to where you've selected it to go to. A withdrawal fee of 0.00000400BTC will be deducted from the balance to pay the transaction fee. If you make additional withdrawal requests while you have a withdrawal request pending, the amounts will be clubbed together and you will only pay the transaction fee once. The benefits of using the Manual Withdraw are that first, you can get your payment sent early and second, you can decide how much of your balance to withdraw.

If you use the Auto Withdraw option, then your entire Bitcoin balance will be sent on Sunday, around midnight Eastern Standard Time. The minimum balance for Auto Withdraw is 0.00030000BTC, or 30000 satoshis. The benefit in using the Auto Withdraw is that you incur no fees.

In order to shift your balance withdrawal from the preregistered Bitcoin address, to another address for another wallet or site account, simply go to your profile before making the withdrawal request and use the "EDIT DETAILS" widget to replace the original address with the new destination address. You will receive a confirmation email that you must click on to activate this change. Remember to change it back to the original after the transfer is completed. After that transfer is completed, if you close your browser before you change it back, then you'll need to use the new destination address during log in, or your email address.

They also have an optional Bitcoin multiplier, where you can play a very simple game to win multiples of the bits of Bitcoin that you just received for FREE. It's easy and can be either fun or frustrating, but also profitable too !

The newest addition of great features on an already terrific site is the FREE weekly lottery. Each time that you draw a free Bitcoin roll, you also receive at least 2 free lottery tickets towards tremendous ever increasing Bitcoin prizes. Every time that your referrals draw from the faucet, you get 1 or more free tickets. You can buy additional tickets for ever decreasing bits of Bitcoin. There are new contests and prizes occurring almost every week too.

One of the newer rewards here is the annual interest paid on existing balances. The minimum amount that you must have before they pay interest is 30,000 satoshis. The interest paid right now is 4.08% compounded daily.

To get a wallet address from this site, scroll up to the top of the member's landing page and click on the green button labeled "deposit". A drop down page will appear and on that you can generate a new address. That address will be available there each time you log on to the site. Keep that same address when using faucets, else they might ban you.

An Audible alert lets you know that it's time to earn some more again on ! This is rapidly becoming the most popular Bitcoin faucet in the world. So if you haven't joined up yet, do so now, then you can use the FREE promotional resources listed on the end of the main page to help you get traffic and attract referrals. So join up now, before all of your friends do so that you can recruit them too !

COIN OPEN is a lot like the site above, except that it doesn't pay interest and it's minimum claim is over 600 satoshis. It's new, so join now before your friends do. You can then recruit them.


The next site is very similar to the famous one above. It's not the same people and it's booby prize is only 2 satoshi's. I guess that it's true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Their name is even very similar. There are promo codes that you can get through their "Free Rolls" tab that allows extra spins of the faucet device. The pay-out amount is only 20,000 satoshis too.

30 minute faucet!


Crypyo Idle Miner
A new crypto currency game and earning site now available online and for Android and iPhone from Discord !


FAIR MILLIONS Bitcoin Lottery with faucet


Speed Satoshi

A Multi Coin Faucet that allows you to claim Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin or Ethereum.


Bitcoin Smash

BTC HEAT is really a type of fountain/game. Just drop your Bitcoin wallet address into the indicated field and get your FREE spins on their "Slot Machine". You cannot pay for this, it's FREE. So don't hesitate, give it a whirl.

BTC Heat

Faucet Crypto

Bitcoins for me

Grow your cryptocurrencies at the amazing 8 to 24 hour! Get Bitcoins and various FREE cryptocoins! Get FREE monthly airdrops of new coins! You can even have your own "real world" faucet at no ongoing cost to you! Check out the 'Geofaucet' tab on the site after you register.

Starcoins is the newest coin earning game on the net. It's pretty unique so check it out.


Crypto Magnate

Free Bitcoin Win

3 to 10 satoshis evry 30 seconds! Simple faucet rewards increased 3x every weekend! Many more ways and crypto - currencies to earn too. NO MINIMUM PAYMENT WITHDRAWAL THRESHOLD! Payments are made to your ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay microwallets! To get to the simple faucet, click on the tab at the top of the page entitled "Earn More" and select "Simple Faucet" from the drop down menu.

BitVest has a FREE faucet and gaming system! It's worth a gander.

Minimum withdraw amount is just 100 satoshis on this 5 minute faucet! Paid to your FaucetPay account!

JuicyBTC A new 10 to 20 minute faucet! Autopays to your wallet every Sunday, once the minimum withdrawal amount is reached. At more than 100 satoshis per draw, it won't take long at all. If you elect to, you will earn 18.4% annual interest when you accrue 100,000 satoshis or more. That's the same as the minimum payout amount. It wouldn't take that long to get there though, there are bonuses on every FREE claim to help you get there. There are links to other cryptocurrency faucets at the top of the page you land on too. This site has a lot of pop-up ads and adult-centrist content on them, so you should be at least 18 to view that.

BitGames has the strangest set of free games and ways to earn !

Qoinpro is the HOTTEST and EASIEST FAUCET on the Web by far !

QoinPro is a multi-coin faucet with wallet-like features giving different FREE alt coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc) on a daily basis to all subscribed members. This is a faucet though, not a wallet, you can't make deposits here. It appears that they will be dispersing other alt coins in the near future as well. They are currently accepting membership applications from anywhere in the world.

QoinPro might provide you with the basis of your future fortune. It delivers several different crypto currencies that can be traded off against each other on the exchanges. This doesn't guarantee success, but you may now have a chance at financial stability. You will have to study this particular market and learn the nuances between the various crypto currencies. You can do that easily by using some of the FREE information resources in the BONUS SECTION.

Registration is free and simple, and for now except during registration, you don't have to visit the site at all, unless you wish to collect your crypto coins !


🌟 Cointiply 🌟 Super Bitcoin Faucet



LuckyFish has a reusable faucet to continuously refund your site account, so you can play for free forever.

Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero allows you to claim up to 250,000 satoshi's 3 times every 10 minutes!

Satoshi Monster is the sister site of Satoshi Hero. The difference is that you get 3 chances at 250,000 satoshis every 20 minutes, instead of every 10 minutes as at Satoshi Hero. Another bonus is that all your winning satoshi's from both sites are combined in your one account, if you use the same email and password when you sign up.

Moon Bitcoin

This is a new concept in Bitcoin faucets, in which once you enter your wallet address the site begins to accrue satoshis. The minimum dispense time is 5 minutes and there appears to be no maximum. Moon Bitcoin will send whatever you've got collected to it's own internal Moon Bitcoin account and pay you directly to your own wallet every Sunday after you've accumulated 5500 satoshis. It increases by one satoshi every few seconds weather you have the site up on your browser or not. However, after a few minutes the rate slows. It appears that the ideal time for harvesting is about 15 minutes. In 15 minutes you will get around 100 to 150 satoshis. I have left it on and undisturbed for 24 hours, and it only accumulated 755 satoshis or 0.00000755 Bitcoin. The rate is not static, so if you test it yourself you may get more or you may get less.

So with Moon Bitcoin you get perpetual earnings ! Even if you clear your cookies, close your browser and turn off your computer, it continues to accrue satoshis for you !  Join this now, and then sign up all of your friends before they ask you to sign up under them, and you will get 25% commission equivalent of all their faucet claims !

Moon Bitcoin

BitKong - Game and Interest Paying Savings Account

ES Faucet

BTC Mines Club

Eobot Faucet
Multi-coin Daily Faucet

Eobot is best known as a digital currency cloud mining operation (see the review in Section Four), and you'll have to register on Eobot in order to access this faucet. It pays in whichever digital currency you select on your account page. Conversely, it will pay in whatever you're mining at the time of your draw, but you apparently don't have to mine anything to use the faucet. The faucet can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the "Products" button on the bar on top of your accounts page. You'll need several different digital currency wallets to collect here, so right after you join Eobot, scroll up page to Section one, and register at Cryptonator. You will get most of the different wallets that you need there. Always remember to sign out of Eobot's site so that you can sign in the next day, you get the freebies for signing in daily.

There are a lot of other goodies that you get with Eobot too, like a FREE Dogecoin just to log in, so use the link below to register now !



Bit Fun sends your satoshi's immediately to CoinPot!



Money Faucet is a type of automatic mining system without the miner. Your money and crypto accrues on the site then you go and clam it, every 5 minutes or so. There's a free level that you can really withdraw from but you'll want to upgrade as soon as you can, just to make more profit. Withdrawals to your wallets are low and shouldn't take you more than a day or so from reaching them. They are different for each type of crypto and cash.

Money Faucet


AutoDev - Columbus Crypto Faucet

Dutchy Corp.

An excellent multi-coin faucet and earning site. They have a robust chat room relative to site news and offers. Lots to do and earn here too!




The Following Sites are Associated With; FaucetPay, ePay, ExpressCrypto, CoinPot and/or Xapo to Help You Collect Your FREE Bits of Bitcoin Faster !

ExpressCrypto and the others will hold your earnings from various affiliated Bitcoin Faucets until there is enough to transfer across the Block chain. The Block chain is a completed puzzle that exists only in cyberspace. This is where the Bitcoins are actually kept, although there is no actual location of the Block chain.There is a minimum amount of Bitcoin that can be transferred across the Block chain, that is 0.00005430 BTC. You get an automatically created ExpressCrypto or whatever account for FREE when you use any affiliated faucet the first time. That account will always be there for you so that when you use an affiliated faucet, you will collect bits of Bitcoins into that account. Disbursement to your regular wallet, that is the wallet address you used the first time on the faucet, and all subsequent times, occurs shortly after the balance in your account exceeds their minimum amount of Bitcoin satoshis. Some of these services require a larger minimum prior to payout, and small fees as well.

Bonus Bitcoin sends your satoshi's immediately to CoinPot!

To claim, you only need to enter your Bitcoin address and solve a simple CAPTCHA.

The following 8 faucets send each claim immediately to!


Use the link above to access the free and very easy Rock, Paper, Scissors Bitcoin earning game at the Faucet Pay home page!



i - bits



The following 7 faucets retain your satoshis until it reaches 1000. They then can send them to your wallet. If your wallet requires a larger amount, then just keep plugging away until you reach it, OR USE who does not have a deposit minimum and pays daily compounded interest too!

SunBTC Space

Get Your

Time for

World of



⭐⭐⭐⭐BTCPOP Alt coin Faucet⭐⭐⭐⭐

You have to register on their main site in order to claim on this 30 minute alt coin faucet. Your balance accrues on that site. You can then trade those alt coins for Bitcoins or any other type of coin that they list. Click on the link below to register and the link above to use the faucet.

BTCPOP Registration

THE CRYPTO FAUCET is a daily multi alt coin faucet with both instant and delayed withdrawal available.


Free Ethereum

Crypto Area


Free Bitcoin Cash

Crypto Unity


Free Lite - Coin




Eve Monero

Eve Ripple


Free Doge Coin




So if you like Dogecoin, then DOGELIVE is one of the best sources available online today. A secure Doge Coin wallet and a FREE cloud based Doge Coin mining system is what you get just for signing up! Of course cheap upgrades are available but not necessary to earn.  Registration with your email is not required.

So sign up now, it only takes a few minutes. Please use the link below.


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