CAPTCHA Work - PP Instant payment - Get 0.95$ Per 1000 captcha[paid - $1.16]

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Send me a pm and I will send you an account.

today only 5 group to join so hurry up

someday will open offer again

My rate is 1000 valid entry for 0.95$       

You must write the images correctly. The top of the page will be a good exapmle for you. Also don't worry about the payments.

Please do your best. Keep your piority zero please. You can do it by writing correctly.

After 30 images your statistics will be open and you can see how many images you writed correctly.

It is an easy job.
I'm looking for serious people.

Please pm me

It is very easy job. You can earn up to 5$ in a day if you work hard

So easy work.

The first 30 image will test you. So keep writing. After 30 images you will start to see your statistics

The images are case sensitive so be careful about it.

Priority determines how often you will get pictures. 0 is the best priority, 9 is the worst. More pictures typed correctly - the better your priority is.

  50   correct captchas $0.02
  100 correct captchas $0.05
  250 correct captchas $0.15
  500 correct captchas $0.32
  750 correct captchas $0.50
1000 correct captchas $0.95
3000 correct capcthas $2.50

- if you wan't to do captcha work just leave a message saying that you have pm'ed me
- pm me with next details: tell me how many captchas you will do per day, and you will be paid EVERY day when you complete the min captchas you said you will do
- if you wan't to increase or decrease captchas per day just pm me

i can do up to 100 words pm me plz

PM sent

pm me

pm sent  ;)


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