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ROI: Return On Investment.May mature in some days,one month,or a few months.
You can click the site names or banners to join.

Group 1(Very trusted or long-term):
Elite RS guide click eliters1 & eliters2.
Elite RS guide click eliters1 & eliters2.

my24hourincome120%,mytrafficbux110%-300%, 10adspay(120%),
 merchantshares(ROI 150%),  mypayingads(120%-150%), mytrafficvalue(ROI 170%--240%),
 swissadspays140%,recyclix(150%), grmclix135%,
grandrevshare118%, edentraffic(130%),2point4daily120%,
peopleadchoice170%, clickintensitybiz120%,paidverts(ROI 120%)
  myadstory125%,  coince(ROI 180%,3% per day for 60days),
matebux110%, mxrevshareROI 110%, ventureplugtraffic135%, forexparadise430%,
 t4eo(ROI 125%), myfreeshares,futurenet120%,

2):Guide please visit eliters2 & here
Guide please visit eliters2 & here
compundfund(created by Jo)
yougetprofit(ROI 120%),swisscoin,shareholdercompany(21%-66%),
THWglobal$25/1 Hour,commhubb,ourtrafficpays150%,cushionrev200%,
revolutionrevshare135%,revenuecentral197%, ...trafficcircleshare110%,trafficseason120%,
omni-cash110%,ethtrade25% per month, passivefund150%,entrepreneurunified,crowdrising,

3)big sites,currently problem sites,or we just don't use these sites.
trafficmonsoon(ROI 110%),adhitprofits(125%)(problems),
fortadpays(ROI 120%,problems)
traffichubb130%,paidspot,earnevery30minutes120% to 150%,bittraders130% 1 day(scams.)
adboni120% to 130%,zukuladnetwork,
myadvertisingpays(ROI 120%,problem.),
MMMglobal(200% guide click here,payment problem.),
boomdirect,(ROI 140%,4 levels,force the users to use forex site.),

Hottest Hyip:More hyip & details,please click here
More Hyip & hyip details,please click here

Hot & Long-term Hyip(the sites with * are highly recommended. hyip sites are risky.
We also put the toppest hyip sites in elite RS group 1 section too.):

Top 10 stable hyip sites.
Hot & Long-term Hyip(the sites with * are highly recommended.):

Top Other sites(Elite):
Top Other Websites: please click here
Top Other Websites: please click here


Cashback shopping:mrrebates(since 2002),extrabux(since 2006),
ebates(since 1998),fatwallet(since 2009),beruby,(since 2007).

Top Products:complete list click here
complete list click here
complete list click here
trafficnow ROI 150%,admin:Toni Sok,Since Mar.30.Paying automatically every 10 days.

How to work with trafficnow:
No need to register in trafficnow.
1.Click here to open the site.
2.Click on the right bottom.
3.fill in your payza or coinbase email address.
Like this image:

Attention: Referrer email must be jeffhsu0908@gmail.com
Choose package.
4.Pay the amount.
Then will send you emails,and payments.
swissadspays,free membership,140%,$0.03 per click,10 levels.

These are the admins:
How to earn with swissadspays?
1.Click here to register.
2.Click account activity-profile to edit your personal info and e-wallets etc.
2.Click account activity-upgrade account to upgrade(if in your first 30days,you need not upgrade,since the system have given you the membership).
3.Click finance--purchase ad pack to buy shares.
4.Click advertisement-to create your ads(Business directory etc.)
5.If this notice shows.

You need click the ads to qualify your shares.
6.Click promo tools to get your links and banners to promote.
7.Click finance request withdrawal to cashout.
8.In this site,you can transfer the fund.
Click finance balance transfer to transfer.

edentraffic,130% Passive,100% ref click.

Site info:Admin: rnulf Gleisne. ROI:130% profit,100% ref click

How to earn with edentraffic:
1.Click here to register.
2.Click personal details to set your profile.
3.Click add fund to deposit.

4.Click Buy adpackw.revshare.Choose the type what you want.
5.Use credits to advertise.
6.1)click "view advertisement"(or "START SURFING", to qualify your shares,
at least 10 daily
click cash link to view the ads to earn extra.
7.Cash out.in the account balance to withdraw.
Mini.$4,Max $700.
PS:Free users can earn with the cash link.


grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.

The admin is also a very trusted PTC owner,he manage the PTC sites like:

How to earn with grandrevshare:
1.Click here to register.
2.Click account acitivty-profile to set your personal details.
3.Click finance--addd funds to deposit.
4.Click finance--purchase position to buy the shares.
5.Click advertisement to create ads (using credits)
6.If  "You need to surf 3 ads to earn from sharing" notice shows,you need to click the ads to qualify your share income.
7.Click finance request withdrawal to cashout.

mytrendingads,famous admin,110%-125%

Site info:ROI:110%-125%.
How to earn with mytrendingads:
1.Click hereto register.
2.Click account activity--profile to set your personal details.
3.Click account activity-upgrade account to upgrade
4.click finance--add funds to deposit.
4.Click finance--purchase position to buy shares.
5.Click advertisement to set your ads(using the credits)
6.If "you are qualified to clicking ads until" notcice occurs.
You need to click start surfing or browse ad to view the ads.

7.Click Finance--Request Withdrawal to cashout.Minmum $10.Max $250.

PS:Free member can click the ads in "click here to go to cash links" to view the ads to earn.

grmclix,135%,12% 7 levels.

Site info:-well-known Admin: Maria Nadal,ROI:135%,7levels.

How to earn with grmclix:

1.Click here to register.
2.Click account activity--your profile to set your personal details.
3.Click finance--Add balance to deposit.
4.Click account activity--upgrade account to upgrade.
(Upgrade the account is mandatory to be eligible
for buying Ad packs & to Withdraw.
$4 monthly subscription / upgrade fee  Only.)
5.Click finance--purchase position to buy shares.
6.Click advertisement to set your advertisements.(use the credits to advertise)
7.In dashboard,
If "You Are Yet To
Surf 7 Ads Today!" notice shows,you need to surf 7 ads to qualify your shares.
8.Click finance-request withdrawal to Cashout.Mininum $4.

PS:Free members cannot request for a withdrawal. You must purchase from the site first. You can purchase positions or shares or adv packages among other things.


mypayingads info:
online since Mar 2015,Admin:Uday Naza

How to work with mypayingads:

1.click here to register.

2.Log in your mypayingads account.
Click account activity--profile to set your personal details.
Click security,if you want to change password,security question and answer.
Member tools--profile.set your profile pic.payment processor etc.

3.Click purchase adpacks--setup a new banner ad.
banner size,banner title-banner URL,Destination URL(like your site ref link etc.)

4.Different plans for you to choose:

5.If you first purchase,click processor,choose e-wallet,fill in the amount shares you want to buy.
tick off agree terms-click pay now.

#If you repurchase,click repurchase balance.

6.If this notice shows,you need to click the ads to qualify your shares.

7.Click finance--request withdrawal to cashout.
PS:*In mypayingads has repurchase rule.
*You can transfer the fund in mypayingads(click finance--Blance transfer).

myadstory,125%-200% profit.3 levels

Admin:Mahmoud Cherif
How to earn with myadstory:
1.Click here to register.
2.Click account activity-profile to set your personal details.
3.Click security to set your password,and security questions and answers.
4.Click finance--add funds to deposit.
5.Click account activity-upgrade account to upgrade(currently optional)
6.Click purchase postion to buy shares.
Different types to choose.
7.Click advertisement to create ads.(using the credits)
8.If this notice shows,,you need click the ads to qualify the shares.
9.Click promo tools to get your ref links and banners.
to promote.
10.There is 50%,40% repurchase rules.please repurchase shares in time.
11.Click finance-request withdrawal to cashout.

matebux,PTC+110%,Revshare+social network,
from evolutionscript.

How to earn with matebux:
1.Click matebux to register.
2.Click Edit profile to set your personal details.
3.Click adpacks to purchase shares.(turn $20 to $22)
4.Click upgrade if you need to upgrade.
5.Click view ads to surf.
6.Click withdraw to cashout.

***merchantshares,since 2007,globally 2014.Up to 2.25% daily.

How to earn with merchantshares:

1.click here to open the register page.

Click sign up.
fill in your first name,surname and email address,click sign up.

2.Login your account.
1)Click main system--profile to set your personal details.
2)click main system--wallets to set your payment processors.
3)Click main system--wallets-deposit to add fund--choose the payment method,fill in the amount you want to deposit.
click preview.
Here is an example:

4)Click investments--new investment--tick off the e-wallet you want invest from
Choose the sector(invset type),fill in the amount.click preview.
5)Click withdrawals--New withdrawal to cashout.
You can reinvest too.

mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% refclick,3 levels.

Site info: Admin:James Lee Valentine ROI: 110%

How to earn with mxrevshare:
1.Click here to join.
2.Log in your mxrevshare account,there is one login ad.
After the ads,click the "X" on the left.
3.Click personal details to set your profile.
4.Click add balance to deposit.
5.Click buy adpack to purchase packs.You can click the your packs to check the packs.
6.Click ads management to advertise (using the credits)
7.Click surf Millionaire ads in Millionaire ads section to qualify the shares and referral click earnings.
Or you can click surf daily ads(on the top),start surfing(under the "dashboard").
They have the same fuction.
You must click at least 10 ads in the traffic exchange (daily  ads)
8.Click surf ptc-ads under dashboard.
very high value($0.02 per click).
It is the main income of this site for free members.
9.Click Cashout if you want to withdraw.
minimum payout$5.00

PS:Free members can click "surf ptc-ads to earn)
If you bought the adpacks,or if you have refs,
you need to click at least 10 Millionaire ads(or "surf daily ads","start surfing").

ventureplugtraffic,120%-135%,next mypayingads

Site info:
Admin:HARVEY EARL ROI:120%-135%,10% commission.up to 2 levels.

How to work in ventureplugtraffic:

1.click here to register.

2.Log in your ventureplugtraffic account.
Set your profile。
click profile in member tool to set your profile.

3.Add fund,click add fund in finance section.

add fund example.

4.Purchase shares.Click purchase shares in finance section.

Click advertisements and create advertisments.

6.View ads.
click surf ads to qualify the shares,at least surf 10 ads every day.
The ads in the earn money in extra income.

7.Cashout.Click withdraw fund in finance section to cashout.
Choose the amount and processor.click submit.
Minimum: $2,Max:$200.Pay in 24 hours in week days.

###recyclix,Real Business,€20 Start Bonus,Instant Payments

site info: real recycling company based in Poland and Latvia
avg. 2%+weekly profit,ROI:125%--150% eco-friendly business
1.Click here to register.
and get free 20 euros.

2.Click your username to set your profile.

1.Use your free €20
In member's area
1).CLICK BUY using your free euro bonus or your deposit.

2).A few days later,when your waste gets turned into either ground material,
click recylce.

3).A few days later,turn into granules,you can click sell or restart.
Expect to wait about 20 days until your waste gets completely recycled.

2.invest users:
In Equipment Units.
1).click on the right corner.

2).Click deposit.Mini deposit is €20.
You can use credit card or bitcoin to deposit.
fill in the amount you want to deposit.
Click deposit...
After deposit,back to equipment units.
You can choose the type of shares you want to buy.

3.Promote,it has 4 levels in recyclix.
4-levels,10%, 3%, 2%, 1%
Click partner,click promo tools.
find your links and banner,promote.

4.Cashout.Mini 20euros.
click on the right corner.
Click withdraw.fill in the amount and e-wallet info.
Click withdraw button.

***myfreeshares,Get your free shares.since 2004.

siteinfo:since 2004,Part of Multimoney group.

How to earn with myfreeshares:
1.Click here to register.
2.account info to set your profile.

3.Here are the earning ways.

4.Promote,use your reflink and banners to promote.

You can buy referrals too.

5.You can upgrade to earn more.


7.If need to change your e-wallet,you can contact the support.

Highly recommended PTC+Revshare sites(you can click the banners to join)

grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.

***merchantshares,since 2007,globally 2014.Up to 2.25% daily.

mypayingads,120%-150% profit.very trusted team.

***paidverts,since 2014,

compundfund,From Jo(the creator of mytrafficvalue and paidverts)

***mytrafficvalue,the best  crowd funding company.

recyclix,150% revshare,20 euro sign up bonus.
real recycling company based in Poland and Latvia.

grmclix,135%,12% 7 levels.

forexparadise,430% total return,22% ref reward.

clickintensitybiz,120%,7 levels,from Nick Johnson.

***yougetprofit,ptc and rev share.
Same owner as elite twickerz,Earn revshare on 2 levels.

***myfreeshares,Get your free shares.since 2004.

.adclickxpress,150%,since long ago,paying.
since 2011,stopping in 2012,paying again in 2015.

10adspay,120%.By chief guest Payza CEO Firoz Patel.

edentraffic,130% Passive,100% ref click.


swissadspays140%,$0.03 per click,10 levels.

mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% ref click.admin James Lee Valentine

ventureplugtraffic,135%,back on track.

myadstory,125% profit.

poweradcash(new domain t4eo),125%,since 2014,Feel the power.

coince,Paying for year.domain registered in Jan.2004.business start since 2008.
3% daily.ROI 180%,Min. Deposit $10.

matebux,PTC+110%,Revshare+social network,
from evolutionscript.

evolutionscript,the most popular ptc script,

crowdrising,10 levels.$7500 per month potential in 90 days.
peer to peer direct funding network.

4corners,since 2012,multi-levels,only $18 invest,promote,cash out,earn huge.

wealthyaffiliate,Online Business Starts Here.

SFI,since 1998.Grow a second Income.

btcjam,the site for invest or borrow bitcoins.

passive-earner,next generation crowd-funding goldmine!

mytrafficbux,110%-300%,5 levels,famous admin Prem Swain.

entrepreneurunified,Real Crowdfunding.from Former MTV programmer,2 levels.

getresponse,free trial,upgrade to use more fuctions.

leadsleap,Since 2008,now is LeadsLeap2.0.
More Money, More Traffic, More Leads,& Revshares.

futurenet,120% profit,5 levels.

***fortadpays,since 2014.220%.

adstimer,158% ROI,New paidverts.

my24hourincome,120%,12% ref commission.No repurchase rules.

passivefund,150%,private crowdfunding platform

THWglobal,Earn Up To 25$/1 Hour.

commhubb,make history,make money.

2point4daily,120%,up to 2.4% daily.3-level commission.

peopleadchoice,170%,$10 sign up bonus.


cushionrev,up to 200%,PTC+crowdfund+revshare,7 levels.

ourtrafficpays150%,10-level ref commission.Admin:David Jackson.

revenuecentral,up to 197%.Minimum cashout $3.00.

revolutionrevshare,135%,4 levels.

traffichurricane,110%,New trafficmonsoon.


trafficseason,120%,3 levels.

Cashback shopping:
mrrebates,since 2002,cash back online shopping.

extrabux,since 2006,cash back online shopping.

ebates,since 1998,cash back online shopping.

fatwallet,since 2009,cash back online shopping.

beruby,cash back shopping since 2007.

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