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earnevery30minutes,120% to 150%,7 levels.sister site of paidspot.

expressclix,third PTC from express group.

grandrevshare,118%,7 levels.from long-term Grand Clickers Ltd.

clikdelivery,130%,Admin Ilyas Noukaila

topshareglobal,fast revshare,admin Sarath Vavachan

zenadvert,another new site from trusted Andy Seo.

foxclix,$0.05 per from legit expresspaid team.
Some of the payments:$52.92,$17.72...

ultimaterevshare,135%,120% 9days,12% ref commission.admin Tom Taylor.

traffichubb,130%,admin Ravi Kiran & Hassan Ahmed.

stefbux,free membership,up to $0.08 per click.
Some of the payments:$11.12,$9.99...

buxiso,custom script,various earning options.
Some of the payments: $11.76...

adzpire,free premium,high profit.
Some of the payments:$10.61,$23.92,...

adboni,120% to 130%,admin Ivan Kaweono,from registered company.

mypayingads,120%-150% profit.very trusted team.

swissadspays,140%,$0.03 per click,10 levels.

clickintensitybiz,120%,7 levels,from Nick Johnson.

expresspaid,legit ptc,since 2014.
Some of the payments:$28.36,$37.02,$17.30,$18.42,$11.91,$18.00,$11.69,$14.30,$11.75,$16.39...

zukuladnetwork,3levles,from Jeremy Rush.Big prelaunch.

sharesthatcare,125% - 150%,55% Repurchase rule.from TT3 team.

mxrevshare,ROI 110%,100% ref click.admin James Lee Valentine

beonpush,150% ROI, revshare+Binary


crisclix,one year online.


paidspot, 143% ROI With 10% of buys and 3% of clicks.

futurenet,120% profit,10 levels.

mycashtube,same admin as adsbiz Get paid to advertise video ads.

mytrendingads,famous admin,110%-125%

beonpush,150% revshare+Binary

shareholdercompany,21%-66% monthly.Dutch Holding Company

epicbux,new ptc from trusted,andy seo,sister site of epicclix
Some of the payments:
$21.78 ,$19.51,

epicclix,trusted admin Andy Seo,registered company.
Some of the payments:$22.48,$14.42,$16.19...

trafficmonsoon,huge income,instant payments.must join.

feclix,very kind admin, paying smoothly.
Some of the payments:$39.50,$30.47,$24.85,$21.90,$27.66,$24.99,$25.76,$25.76,

recyclix,150% revshare,20 euro sign up bonus.
real recycling company based in Poland and Latvia.

scarlet-clicks,Elite site since 2009.
sister site of gptplanet.
Some of the payments:$13.29 ,$14.33,$11.12,$14.82,$11.67,$13.16,$15.12,$16.22,$16.73,$15.50...

4corners,since 2012,multi-levels,only $18 invest,promote,cash out,earn huge.

expaid,exchanger from okik team.

bartermyfunds,from paidverts, mytrafficvalue team.

compundfund,From Jo(the creator of mytrafficvalue and paidverts)
Some of the payments: $11.69...

kooad,120%,same trusted admin as trafficboot.

passive-earner,next generation crowd-funding goldmine!

ptc1,Unlimited refs,sister site of legit okik.
Some of the payments:$15.26 ,$15.09,$19.29,$16.04,$15.15,$13.96,$25.91,$19.41,
$14.85,$20.43, $15.31,$17.31...

mypayingads,120%-150% profit.very trusted team.

merchantshares,since 2007,globally 2014.
ROI 150%,instant payments.

trafficmonsoon,PTC+TE+Revshare,trusted admin Charles,very good advertise result.
More details please visit this page.

buxvertise,legit site,cheap upgrade price.
Some of the payments: $10.99...

SFI,since 1998.Grow a second Income.
Some of the payments: $23.55...

fortadpays,since 2014.Up to ROI 220%..

getpaidsocial,get paid for simple tasks!over $200 monthly as free member.

cliquebook,experienced admin.
Some of the payments:$5.66,$11.97,$10.32,$24.75...

grandbux,US based registered company,Great income.
One of the the payments:$224.5...

mytrafficvalue,the best crowdfunding site,paying since 2010.

paidverts,from mytrafficvalue(crowd funding company paying since the year of 2010.)
Up to $50 & $300 per click,$2 minimum cash out.It is true,$50 $300 per click.
very satisfied income,so easy.No risk.
How to start:after registration,check the email sent to you.or read the "how it works"
The most important earning way is to buy ads.1:1.55.Click more BAP,more ads can click.
Keep active is very important.
More details please visit this page.

r4bux,since 2014,live support,paying smoothly.
Some of the payments:$13.53,$14.50,$19.50 ,$15.35...

eldibux,New from CroMedia group(croclix &ekoclix)!
Some of the payments:$6.7,$18.79,$15.40, $18.97,$12.65,$19.79,$19.79...

oliveadverts,famous admin.
Some of the payments:$14.10,$16.66,$21.54,$22.78,$22.78...


Google Sniper,since 2006,no.1 affiliate marketing course.

trafficgoals,135%,paypal limited.

edentraffic,130% Passive,100% ref click.paypal limted.

mrrebates,since 2002,cash back online shopping.

extrabux,since 2006,cash back online shopping.

ebates,since 1998,cash back online shopping.

fatwallet,since 2009,cash back online shopping.

beruby,cash back shopping since 2007.

clixten,Legit site since 2012,hot and trusted.
Some of the payments:$18.23,$19.10,$18.75,$12.74,$15.08,$18.58,$17.91,$17.50,
$24.40,$24.40,$22.53,$23.85,$20.92, $21.49,$21.05,
$22.30$20.68, $16.51$25.47$29.21, $34.44, $30.91,$30.89

gptplanet,Elite site since 2010.
Some of the payments:$14.94,
$9.83, $17.12,$15.20,$17.32 $18.32,here...

ppcadsource,trusted TE owner Jon Bell(admin of trafficswirl etc).Nice advertising result.

wealthyaffiliate,Online Business Starts Here.

okik,legit site,cheap upgrade price.
Some of the payments:$12.42...

familyclix,creative idea,creative membership setting.Let's feel the love of the family.
Some of the payments:$8.81,$11.25,$10.27,$12.62,$21.75,$16.71,$15.02,
$25.75,$18.41,$16.43,$10.83, $10.45,$15.39,$17.23,$21.03,$16.97,$22.77...

Golden Group Inc.Very trusted and active admin.Good profit.
Regular promotion and contests.Professional and fast support.Highly recommended.
Till now,this group has goldenclix,silverclix,clixdo,adzpot

silverclix,Some of the payments:$16.61,$52.91,$95.44,$91.41,$82.90$58.08...

Some of the  payments:$10,$10,$10,$31.46,$20.26...

on line for over 4 years.Some of the payments: $125,$112.50,$70,$70.00, $70,$125, $125,
 $125, $125,$125,here here, here, here,here...

stable site.

hitleap,since 2011,the best autosurf site.Earned over thousands now.
Almost get 5 payments every month.One of the payments: here

clixsense,8-level ref-commission.No need to manage rented referrals.
Since 2007.Easy tasks.high earning.

myfreeshares,since 2004,get your free share.
some of the payments:$11.32...

Earned over thousands just from this site.(ojooo payment delayed)
Check payments here, here, here,here, here,here,here,
here, here, here,here, here,here, here,  here, here here...

adhitprofits,sister site of must join site trafficmonsoon

poweradcash(new domain t4eo),125%,since 2014,Feel the power.

matebux,PTC+Revshare+social network,from evolutionscript provider.multi-levels,next clixsense.

adsbiz,trusted,almost paying for one year.

passive-earner,Next Generation Crowd-Funding Goldmine!

boomdirect,Real company from Canada,ROI 140%,4 levels.

shareholdercompany,21%-66% monthly.Dutch Holding Company

More Useful & Paying Sites:
Now,intruduce more useful and paying sites.

Need rotator?This is the one for you.

adkreator,since 2009,useful tool.DIY Splash Page Banner Design and Creation.

simplyptp,sister site of buxvertise

evolutionscript,the most popular ptc script,

croclix,sister site of ekoclix

ekoclix,sister site of croclix


grandclick,owned by Michael and Lea.
from northclicks team.
payments $20.39, $24.54, $23.84,$37.59,$23.22, $21.05...

grandmonopoly,We change the PTC world.
Sister site of grandclick.

since 2011,Very good place to advertise.Sustainable.

logiptc,Elite site since 2010

paidviewpoint,legit survey site,
Earn $1000 per month,no need to invest.

cashpig,New from Elite adfly.

linkbucks,since 1999,Elite,like May 2009),
one of the most popular shortened link sharing site.

viru5,5-level income.New from Richard Sturdy(CEO of Rogue Media Ltd.).
Trusted owner of elite wordlinx(since 2003) & refban(since 2012).

yougetprofit,ptc + rev share.
Same owner as elite twickerz.
Earn revshare on 2 levels.

the best GPT site,2-level system.Since July 2006.

buxp,since 2008.Elite.Long-term program.

cashcamel,online and paying since April 2011,
paid to click, read ads, signup, etc.Very good place to advertise.

easyhits4u,since 2003,the busiest traffic exchange site.

same trusted admin as legit site globalactioncash.
Very stable.



Payment Processors
Click the tiny banners to register the payment processors and exchangers you may need:

Click the tiny banners to register the payment processors and exchangers you may need:







expaid,exchanger from okik team.

bartermyfunds,from paidverts, mytrafficvalue team.






salipay,e-wallet & 150% revshare.

btcjam,the site for invest or borrow bitcoins.






rchange, live chat to support.very nice service.

cratepay,exchange your money,e-currency exchangers.


News & Watch List:

clixblue,really sucks,we lost the most there among all the PTC sites,over $300.

adzbazar,very low income,suspend the users is their habit.

triplethr3at,payment issue.

ultimateclixx.,very low income,suspend the users is their habit.

neobux,just lost money site.

We don't work in neobux anymore.
Note:Not everyone can get the same invest result,
few people can earn well,most members just lose money.

MMM,120% passive,200% with tasks..Guide click here,problem now.

***myadvertisingpays,TE+Revshare since 2013.problem now




transitbux,offline for many days.

ad2prosper,take care of this site.

###trafficncash,120%,paypal limited.

phoenixbux,it seems this site will be shut down due to the paypal issue.

btcnexusads,offline due to PM issue.


rrbux,no payment.

infclix,we can call this a promising scam.

noblebux, many complaints.
Life is short,we are fed with this site,so many months' contact,not solve anything.
the admin need improve technological skills.totally scam.

*ref4bux,since 2011,In 2013,the admin was sick,needed money,he deleted all the RR,
and deleted most of the accounts.Now the site seems fine,but if he will do this again?!

*MBC(scam site from 2012) wants to take your money again.Watch out.

*ptcultimate,since 2013,your ultimate move towards online success!
But the truth is:No,it's your ultimate move towards money loss.

*So little income in clicks-fx,new name heedyou,we give up.

*Many advertisers are not honest,even some very active advertisers.
Some use fake payment proofs,some provide fake info,some use fake high-value view-ads page...
Friends,take care for yourself.

About this page:

1.BES page is our main monitor page.
We post just launched promising sites here,and long-term programs too.
Promising sites are on the top.Long-term stable sites in the middle.
More paying new sites at the end.Watch list added.

2.We give more hot,paying opportunities for you to choose,
and provide the most correct current info.
3.We don't post every payment,we just post some of the payments.
  And Only post the own received payments.

4.All the comments are based on their current on-line status.
If the status changed(such as turning into scam,offline,fake payment,resetting referrals or balance etc),
we will change the comments,or delete the sites.

5.Please use unique,strong passwords for your PTC and other earning accounts.

6.It's your own responsibility to decide whether invest or not.
If you want to earn more,you think the sites are profitable(get right time to invest and gain profit)
or safe(can be long-term programs,or owned by trusted admins),you can invest.It's up to you.

7.For your online earning safety,please visit this page often,
and check which ones added,which ones deleted,which ones changed the comments,
which ones moved to the watch list.

8.bestearningsites page posts both just launched sites and long-term sites,
some new sites may not safe for investing.
So we edited new pages to solve this problem.
Need the most secured,sustainable,safe sites,please visit
toppayingsites or Top Trusted Sites,
these two pages only post reliable ones.

9.Sometimes the EMS pages can't be opened,partly opened.
Please wait and reopen.Or visit our other pages listed at the end.Thank you.

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